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Join Kevin Harrington & his EXPERT Team In a FREE Business Workshop Where You Will Learn How To Easily Add New Revenue Streams To Your Business

During our workshop, we will be hyper focused on providing you with the exact steps to identifying untapped revenue streams in your business.

Kevin Is The Original Shark from Shark Tank, Brandon T. Adams is a 2X Emmy Award Winner, & Chris Cumby is a leading Business Development Consultant

kevin harrington

Original Shark On Shark Tank

Original Shark on Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial. Kevin has sold over $5 Billion in products in 100 plus countries. He has launched over 20 businesses to over $100 million each!

Brandon T. Adams

2x Emmy Award Winner

Brandon T. Adams is an Investor, Media Expert, TV Host, and 2X Emmy Award Winning Producer. He is the founder of Accelerant Media Group which produces Commercials, Social Media Content, and TV Shows that Inspire and Motivate others.

Chris Cumby

Radio Host And Business Coach

Christopher Cumby Business Development Consultant & Business Advisor. He is the author of “The Success Playbook”, and the founder of My Evolution Game, a complete step-by-step process designed for the Go-Getters to advance to the top of their game!

We will cover the following during our FREE business workshop


1. Learn how to monetize your current influence through social media, books, podcasts, speaking engagements and more!


2. Discover ways to increase your authority and become the go-to expert in your field.


3. Explore ways to monetize daily tasks you are already doing to increase revenue for your business or brand.


4. Connect and network with other prominent business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

In real time, right in front of your eyes, Kevin, Brandon, and Chris will show you the exact steps to start genereating thousands of additional dollars in revenue for your business. It really is that simple.

Do You Want To FINALLY find additional revenue streams (Even If You’ve Never Been Successful At Doing So In The Past?)

Have you failed before at generating additional revenue? Let Kevin and his team prove to you that it can be done


Are you looking to increase your monthly and yearly revenue through passive revenue streams? But you are having issues figuring out how to do it?


Let Kevin, Brandon, and Chris show you in real time, right in front of your eyes, the PROVEN STEPS TO FINDING AND GENERATING PASSIVE REVENUE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.
Join Kevin Harrington, Brandon T. Adams, and Chris Cumby for the FREE Business Workshop on October 4th

Normal Price: $997

Join the Business Workshop TODAY for FREE

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Time Sensitive: Our LIVE and highly-interactive business workshop will walk you through the steps of finding new revenue streams. Right in front of your eyes!!



As an original “Shark” on Shark Tank, inventor of the informercial, and As Seen on TV pioneer with $6 BILLION in sales—I understand what it takes to increase my personal brand and make a lot of money off of it. I also understand the struggles you are facing in knowing how to do that.

That’s why in my business workshop, I help equip and teach you the EXACT strategies that have helped me grow 20+ companies to $100 million in revenue and enlist other top-level industry pros to share their expertise with you!


Sound impossible? I assure you, it’s not.

My Business Workshop is limited to 100 of the best thought leaders and will provide the education and facilitation needed to grow and monetize your influence alongside other like-minded authorities.

Success is based on your ability to GROW AND SCALE, but acquiring that ability doesn’t have to be a mystery reserved for a select few.

As a participant in this FREE workshop, you’ll receive the support and proven tactics and strategies to take the knowledge and skills you already have and use them to generate explosive growth, revenue, and opportunities—with specific steps you can easily execute on right away…

What you need is a GUIDE to lead you and a COMMUNITY to support you…with these in place, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

What could you accomplish with the right teacher and people in your corner pushing you to succeed? 

What if you were able to generate more income and influence for yourself using the assets and skills you already have?

What new doors would open for you?

What new levels would you reach in your business?

How would it change your life if you were to 10x your income and 100x your success?

You can’t achieve the results you want without taking intentional action.

Start by joining my Business Workshop to discover proven, 

step-by-step growth strategies and tactics and you’ll start to take your personal and financial growth to the next level.

You CAN make the kind of wealth you’ve dreamed of and deserve! 

You CAN get connected with the movers and shakers in the inner circle!

You CAN become a titan in your industry!

You CAN do something that matters and leave a legacy of success!

All you have to do is click the button to start your journey!

Success Stories From Kevin's Vault

With over 50 years of experience, Kevin has grown hundreds of companies and celebrities to new heights; Here's a few of his favorites

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Hear From Kevin's Raving Fans

“By being around Kevin and his team, I have gained access to things that have helped my business and my life.”
-Ralph DiBugnara, Entrepreneur

“WOW! I had the great privilege to pitch to Kevin after a conversation we had 6 months earlier back in 2018 on showcasing Business Owners on the radio. This since evolved and now thanks to Kevin I host a weekly Featured Business online show. Thank you for helping me fight my fear and take your advice to create some amazing value for those I serve.”

James M.

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Kevin discussing business and learning from Kevin. He adds value at every interaction, puts a lot of power behind whatever he’s involved in, and makes an incredibly successful partner for the many ventures he’s active in. I encourage anyone who is seeking a top tier business coach, keynote speaker for their event, or strategic partner for their venture to contact Kevin and see the incredible results from your interactions.

Parker P.

“Kevin was a pleasure to meet and deal with. Always sharp, focused and determined to position a business in a forward-thinking, advantageous way. A true pioneer in his field, he deserves all the success and recognition he’s been getting, and more! Fun fact: It was flattering to notice we wore the same suit jacket in our meeting. “Great Minds Think Alike”, as the saying goes… and Kevin is truly one of the “Greats”!”

Yaro S.

Daymond John - Shark Tank

"You have done so much for me in terms of making a few dollars"

Dean Graziosi - Entrepreneur & Investor

"Kevin is a pioneer and an incredible entrepreneur"

Frequently Asked Questions

The next workshop will be on October 4th at 1:00 PM EST

The bootcamp will last for approximately 2 hours. We will start at 1 PM EST and end at 3 PM EST

This workshop is being offered to you for FREE. Kevin and his team typically charge $997 to attend.

You are correct, this is an amazing offer for the value we provide. We normally charge at least $997 to attend

Since we are in tough times, Kevin and his team wanted to provide immense value and put you on the path to success.

They also wanted to make this a no-brainer, so you take advantage of the content they will provide you with.

Let Kevin and His Team teach you the Exact Steps to find unrealized revenue streams and add thousands of dollars of revenue to your business

Normal Price: $997

Will this be the year you finally find new revenue streams and 10x your business?


Business Workshop With A Shark

Learn from A SHARK on how to instantly ADD $1,000’s in revenue to your business

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