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Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank, and Pioneer of the "As Seen On TV" Industry. He has launched over 500 products resulting in more than $5 Billion in sales worldwide.


Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... must inevitably come to pass!

- Paul J Meyer

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Getting Your Business Funded


There are countless people out there with fantastic business ideas who have no idea how to get the funding they need. The process of getting funding can be intimidating. Leave no stone unturned – you never know where money might come from unless you try! As Steve Jobs said, “I’m convinced that what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”


However long you think it might take to find investors, it could take longer. The key is to attack from all angles and keep trying. There are many, many routes you can take to find funding, and we’ve got a few suggestions to help get you started:


One of the most popular new ways to get investors is through crowdfunding. With the help of the regulation A+ Mini IPO you can now raise money on the internet selling stock directly to the consumer. You can legally raise up to $50 million, and it’s fairly simple. The A+ Mini IPO helps to streamline entrepreneurs’ ability to get in touch with investors across the web.

Angel Investors

I have something called the Angel Investors Network. Angel investors can come from your family and friends, or you can get connected to them through various networking opportunities. Our Angel Investors Network allows entrepreneurs to directly apply and connect with our investors.

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Reach Out to Friends and Family

Never, ever underestimate your own personal connections. The people who know you are going to be the first ones to support you, and you’d be surprised how generous they can be. Don’t be afraid to pitch them your ideas.

Go Straight to the Investment Bankers

Get in contact with investment bankers in New York. If you can get someone on board with your ideas they’ll sell directly to their clients. Sound a little daunting? Work on your pitch and keep revising. While some guys at the banks are known to be a bit risk-averse and less interested in startups,

Want to learn more about how to build a successful businessFind Motivation for Entrepreneurship or just want to see how can I help you become a successful entrepreneur? You can find me on Facebook & Twitter.

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What Are You Missing? The Most Important Qualities that Make Exceptional CEO’s

Do you want to be a great CEO? Then you need to grow up and keep learning! Don’t think you have it all together now. Everyone can get better at what they do.

So, what makes a great CEO? I can tell you that it takes at least three qualities.

A Great CEO is a leader

A great CEO is someone who people can look up to and respect. People may fear you, but they may not respect you. People may love you, but they may try to walk all over you.

It is only when people respect you and want to emulate you that you know you are a great CEO.

Steve Jobs is a fitting example of a CEO who was a leader. Jobs was a powerful force at Apple. He had charisma and vision and it made people want to follow him, despite any flaws or weaknesses they may have seen.


History of Success

Because you are a leader, it is important that people see that you have a history of success. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a business, especially if you have only recently started out, but you should have success in something.

Maybe you went through hardships growing up, or you lost a lot of weight for your health, or you were addicted to something. You grew strong, learned self-control and discipline, and decided what kind of life you wanted to live, then you made it happen.

The self-made billionaire, Li Ka- Shing knows exactly what it costs to become a success. At fifteen he had to quit school when his father died so that he could take care of his family. He worked 16 hours a day in a plastics factory until he eventually created his own company. Now he is the richest person in greater China. That is success!

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Because you are not alone in your company, a great CEO knows how to put powerful people under him or her in very powerful positions. CEO’s know how to trust them with enough authority in their department that they can complete their tasks while maintaining checks and balances so they aren’t running too much on their own.

Bez naslova

It is important to give your people enough rein to run their business or division while making sure that they make timely reports back to you so that you know things are running smoothly.

Being a great CEO isn’t something that just happens. It is something you need to strive for, a goal to meet, a reason to wake up in the morning and be better than you were yesterday. I definitely understand this, because I have to do it every day as well.

Push yourself. Grow. Have a teachable spirit. And if you want to learn even more about how you can become a great CEO, keep watching me. I have a lot more advice and I want to see you succeed in your business!

Want to learn more about how to build a successful business, find motivation for entrepreneurship or just want to see how can I help you become a successful entrepreneur? You can find me on Facebook & Twitter.
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Starting a business from scratch? Follow this advice from Kevin Harrington

Many people seek my advice on how can they quickly and easily get away with starting a business from scratch? Although there is no easy answer to this complex question, I tell them that it is all about the people you surround yourself with.

The herd mentality is not only specific to animals, but it holds equally true for human beings. If this happens to be business experts, consultants or entrepreneurs, then you are on the right track.

Continue reading

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5 Kevin Harrington Articles That Are Perfect For Remote Workers

If you work from home, then we have quite the treat for you.

We are about to unleash five articles that are jam-packed with gems/advice that will surely do every remote worker wonders.

While working from home is a dream come true for so many people, as it should be, if you actually do work from home, then you know how tough it can be. After all, everything becomes a distraction when you are a remote warrior, and so many people won’t take your job seriously.Continue reading

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If You Want Success, Then Do This On The Weekends

It’s 5 p.m. on a Friday, and you are getting ready to leave your office job and enjoy your weekend by not doing any work. Sound familiar?

While we aren’t questioning your working habits, if you can relate to the above sentence, and if you take off the weekends, then you are likely wasting a lot of time. As a result, you probably aren’t where you want to be in life, and your goals and dreams might have even been put on the back burner.

Here’s the deal: If you want success, then you have to work for it. While so many people are looking for that secret ingredient for success, the real way to make all of your wildest dreams come true is by working. You can dream as much as you would like, but your dreams will stay in your head if you don’t take action.Continue reading

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The Main Question Every Entrepreneur Must Answer At Some Point During The Journey Of Success

No matter what type of entrepreneur you want to be, and no matter how much success you are trying to achieve, there is a question you must answer on your journey of success.

Without wasting any time, here it is: What do you want your legacy to be?

Do you want to be known as a great father/mother? Do you want to be known as someone who had it all? Do you want to change the world for the better? Do you simply just want to be known as a person who worked on his/her passions, no matter how tall the climb seemed at first?Continue reading

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What You Do In Your Free Time Will Make Or Break Your Path To Success

What we are about to say will be music to many people’s ears. For others, the opposite will ring true. Nonetheless, here it goes anyway: What you do in your free time will make or break you during your journey of success.

After all, so many people work Monday through Friday, or at least 30 to 50 hours per week. Unless you are constantly putting your foot on the gas pedal during working hours, or are a machine when it comes to productivity, it is going to be a challenge to get ahead of the competition. However, that is where nights and weekends come into play. Of course, mornings can play a big role in this as well — if you are using the waking hours to your advantage.Continue reading

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The Easiest Way To Get Ahead Before A Vacation When You Have A Flexible Work Schedule

If you are a remote worker and/or self-employed, then you more than likely have a flexible schedule. Some people might look at that as a major blessing, and it is in many ways. With that in mind, being a remote warrior/self-employed isn’t always what it is cracked up to be.

There are many reasons why (for example, anything becomes a distraction when you work from home), but let’s focus in on one of the reasons. When you don’t work in an office, or have an employer, you likely don’t have a salary. Not to mention, you probably have to provide your own benefits, which means you aren’t given PTO/vacation time.

When you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. As a result, taking off an entire week of work during the summer will likely mean you won’t make a single penny during that time. Now, your business might be constantly making you money, and you might also invest, but when you work for yourself, you typically don’t have the luxury of PTO. When you take time off, the cash flow stops.Continue reading