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An Original "Shark"

on Shark Tank—Live on CNBC!

Kevin Harrington—Original “Shark” on the Emmy-Award-Winning show Shark Tank

The hit ABC and CNBC TV show Shark Tank features a panel of potential investors—called “sharks”—who consider pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for products or businesses.

As an original “shark,” Kevin Harrington has shot over 175 segments of Shark Tank on ABC and updated segments for the show.

Kevin Harrington’s legendary business success and his own platform-building efforts earned him a seat as an original “shark” on the show

The show has become yet another another opportunity for Kevin to empower entrepreneurs to greatness.


Watch Kevin on Shark Tank!

You can watch Kevin every week on Shark Tank in syndication on CNBC and in countries all around the world!

Plus. Kevin often hosts Pitch Tank events, similar to the Shark Tank setting, for universities and entrepreneurial organizations.

Find out more about these and all other exciting speaking engagements here.



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