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"One of the top entrepreneurs of our time!" —Entrepreneur Magazine

Kevin has a proven track record of helping companies more than 100x success.


Kevin Harrington understands what it feels like to have an idea, but not know what to do with it.

He gets the challenges that come with a start-up, from developing a flexible plan to raising capital to building a team you can trust.

Kevin knows first-hand how challenging it can be to take a growing business to the next level.

He’s been there, done that. Repeatedly.

He’s made the mistakes so you don’t have to—and experienced breakthrough success as a result of his persistence.

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Let Kevin Help You

Digital Marketing Strategy

Navigate the latest trends in the digital world without losing your focus on what matters most.

Traditional Marketing Strategy

Kevin has mastered the process of getting the word out through traditional channels and can help you do the same.


Kevin knows the ins-and-outs of moving product, both domestically and internationally, to get your products to market.

Raising Capital

Kevin helps raise funds needed to take an idea, product, or service to the next level, make the perfect pitch, and get in front of the right people.

Product Launch

When it’s time to launch your idea, product or service, no one knows how to do it better than Kevin. He’s launched more than 500 products around the world.

Business Scalability

When you need to grow, Kevin knows how to get it done. He’ll help you figure out the best way to go to the next level without making the mistakes that typically derail growth.


Need to manufacture product? Kevin brings proven resources, connections, and expertise can provide turn-key solutions.


Need to get your product pushed out to retail outlets? Kevin knows the retail world and how to position your product in the retail marketplace.

Dream Team

Your growth will be limited by the strength of your team. Kevin can help you find and build a dream team to empower your growth.

Start the Consulting Conversation

Throughout his 40 years as an entrepreneur and innovative business leader, Kevin has connected with people all over the world who desire to help one another achieve success.

He opens up his own network of connections to form a synergistic dream team when consulting with entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 companies, and organizations of every size in-between.

Connect with Kevin to explore consulting options and take your business success to the next level. Click the button below to start the conversation with Kevin and his team.

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