I love great deals. In fact, I've spent a lifetime in business focused on making great deals. My curiosity has led me to some great offers, and I'm glad I took advantage of them.

Original Shark and founder Global
Leaders Organization.


Dear Entrepreneurs,
CEOs and Business Owners,

Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington. You may know me as the original Shark on Shark Tank, or founder of As Seen on TV, or inventor of the infomercial. I’ve been involved in over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion with 20 products reaching $100 million in revenues. And I’m not done yet!

Possibly like you, the pull to be an entrepreneur started early. Age 15 for me. At 23, I started The Small Business Center, a one-stop shop for businesses from accounting to advertising, financing and the sale of the business. This company launched my career as a small business owner.My interest in connecting with people like you who are driven to succeed in business led me to other endeavors. Founding ERA (The Electronic Retailers Association) now in 45 countries was one. I’m also a founding board member of Young Entrepreneur’s Organization (now EO) which boasts combined member sales of over $500 billion dollars.

Hopefully, though my efforts, I’ve earned a reputation as the real deal.Lately I’ve been curious about how we, as small business owners, can leverage technology to easily do more business together, raise our visibility to fellow decision makers and go public with our products and services more efficiently. All without a big expense of time or money.

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