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With over 40+ years of experience helping businesses of all shapes and sizes, Kevin has a wide variety of services to skyrocket your sales.

Words From Happy Clients

From Fortune 100 companies to small startup events, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge to any event, both in person and via online forums


(Yes, that's a 37,000% Increase)

After Kevin joined the Celsius Energy Drink board of advisors in 2013, the stock price skyrocketed. Kevin can help grow your company's stock price too.

How Kevin Your Business

With over 40+ years of experience growing companies of all sizes, Kevin is an excellent choice as a consultant/advisor for your business

Product Distribution

Kevin knows the ins-and-outs of moving product, both domestically and internationally, to get your products to market.

Raising Capital

Kevin helps raise funds needed to take an idea, product, or service to the next level, make the perfect pitch, and get in front of the right people.

Product Launch

When it’s time to launch your idea, product or service, no one knows how to do it better than Kevin. He’s launched more than 500 products around the world.


Need to manufacture product? Kevin brings proven resources, connections, and expertise can provide turn-key solutions.

Retail Sales

Need to get your product pushed out to retail outlets? Kevin knows the retail world and how to position your product in the retail marketplace.

Business Scalability

When you need to grow, Kevin knows how to get it done. He’ll help you figure out the best way to go to the next level without making the mistakes that typically derail growth.

Interested in Kevin's Industry Leading Digital Marketing Services?

Ready to expand your reach and sell your product online? Kevin and his expert digital marketing team can help. With a suite of product offerings, Kevin’s digital marketing team is well equipped to greatly expand your online sales channels.

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