The weekend is about to end, which means Monday morning is on the horizon. Do you plan on making the upcoming week the most successful one of your life, or are you just going to go through the motions?

If you want to maximize your success, then you have to start your week off by hustling, and below you will find three reasons why.

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3 Reasons Why You Have To Start Your Week Off By Hustling If You Want To Maximize Your Success

  • Life Is All About Habits
  • A Fast Start Could Lead To A Short Week
  • Because You Will Likely Taper Off Toward The End Of The Week

Life Is All About Habits

Life is all about habits, so if you tend to ease into the week, then that is going to become your weekly habit — easing into the week, that is. Why is this a problem? Simple. If you ease into the week, then you might continue that trend throughout the week. Before you know it, it will already be Friday, and your hustling game might be at an all-time low.

When you are trying to make all of your goals and dreams come true, you can’t afford to take an entire week off by taking your foot off the gas pedal. You have to hustle nonstop. If you don’t, then you can bet someone with the same goals and dreams as you will pass you up. If you work in an office setting, then this could lead to a fellow employee earning a promotion over you. In the business and/or tech world, this could lead to another company hitting the market with a product/service before you.

Life is all about habits. What do your habits say about you?

“Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.” — Gary Vaynerchuk


A Fast Start Could Lead To A Short Week

We live in a day and age in which people are working 60-plus hours a week. Some people actually have to work that many hours to get their work done while some people simply have to give the impression that they work that many hours.

If you have more flexibility with your schedule (calling all remote workers!), then a fast start to your week could actually lead to a shorter workweek. Sure, you might have to put in anywhere from 30 to 60 hours of actual work, but the sooner you get it done, the sooner your work for the week will be completed, and the sooner you can focus on passion projects, hobbies and doing the things you love to do.

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Because You Will Likely Taper Off Toward The End Of The Week

Why should you start your workweek off by hustling? Well, because you will likely taper off toward the end of the week when your friends and the weekend are screaming your name.

Not to mention, you just took two days off (okay, so plenty of people continue to hustle on the weekends, but they likely do so away from the office), which means your mind should be fresh and ready to go on Monday morning.


While more and more people are practicing a work-life balance, Monday morning is still going to be associated with work for a large number of people.

Use Monday as an opportunity to bring your hustling game to the next level, because you are more likely to put your foot on the gas pedal at the start of the week rather than the last day of the workweek. Get ahead of the competition. Get a jump-start on your work, goals and dreams early on in the week.

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” — Michael Jordan

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