How many times have you started a project and didn’t finish it? How many times did you start a project, give up on said project and then start another one?

It’s okay if this has happened to you multiple times. This happens to all of us. Of course, some more than others. Luckily, we are going to unleash some basic tips that will help those people who struggle with finishing what they start.

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Tips To Help People Who Struggle With Finishing What They Start

  • Budget Your Time
  • Throw Perfectionism Out The Window
  • Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Don’t Start A New Project

ProjectBudget Your Time

When it comes to being successful, you have to plan for everything (yes, even that five minute coffee break). If you are working on a project, you have to budget your time. In other words, you need to set aside some time, or create a schedule around your project.

Here’s another tip: If this project is your No. 1 priority, then make it your No. 1 priority. If you are more focused in the morning and tend to get most of your work done during this time, then work on your project during this time.

Throw Perfectionism Out The Window

We all strive for perfection. However, we all need to throw perfectionism out the window. No, that does not mean we should rush through projects just to get them done. It just means we should tweak our mindset a bit.

Nothing is perfect. No matter how many times we fix it and try to make it better.

Let’s use writing a book as an example: During the editing process, a writer will find ways to make things better. A writer will find a new word to replace an old word that didn’t fit. A writer will find a way to better explain a sentence, to make things flow more smoothly in general. These techniques are great, but if a writer kept revisiting a story over and over again, he/she would find something to fix every single time. At some point, we have to put down the pencil and accept the product that we have.

Perfectionism can put a project to a screeching halt. It is important that we are taking our time on things, and going back over them, but we eventually need to set our projects free, because they will never be “perfect.”

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you want to reach your goals, or in this case finish a project, then you have to hold yourself accountable.

This might sound basic, but it’s 100 percent true: You need to write down your deadlines, and then hold yourself accountable for them. If you don’t meet these deadlines, then the world will end. In reality, it won’t, but that is the kind of mindset you have to have.

Accountability leads to success.

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Don’t Start A New ProjectProject

Once you start a project, don’t start any new ones. Our bosses sometimes throw too much on our plates, and that is something you can’t avoid. However, if you have a very important project that has to get done, and one that is going to take up all of your time and energy, don’t start a new one.

You should only be focusing on the first project that you started. After all, if you are balancing more than one project, there is a good chance that you will put more work into one of them, and the other project will suffer as a result. In extreme cases, you will drop both projects altogether, because they are both unbearable and you have put way too much on your plate.

A great way to finish what you started is to focus on one project, and one project only.

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