Entrepreneurs are all about work-life balance. If you are an entrepreneur and you also don’t report to an office every single day — in other words, if you do remote work — then you can take the concept that is work-life balance to the next level by doing your work at different places.

Everyone is different. Some people like to do all of their work in an office while others can’t stand the thought of being in an office. Nonetheless, if you are a remote worker trying to make it as an entrepreneur, then start taking advantage of the fact that you can literally work anywhere you want. In fact, start today.

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The Best Places To Do Remote Work If You Are An Entrepreneur

  • In A Coffee Shop
  • On Top Of A Building
  • Outside
  • At A Library
  • At Your Home Office

In A Coffee Shop

Not only is working in a coffee shop a classic destination, it is also accepted by, well, everyone. So many people don’t have a place to commute to, so they decide to work at a coffee shop instead of staying at home.Remote

This is good for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, coffee shops have an endless amount of coffee. They typically have free WiFi as well. Coffee shops can also be considered a creative atmosphere since so many people are creating at them (writers, business owners, etc.). This type of setting is a major plus for entrepreneurs.

The biggest reason why remote entrepreneurs should do work at a coffee shop is because of networking. Once again, so many remote workers do work at coffee shops, and you never know who you are going to meet at a coffee shop as a result. As you likely already know, networking is a major part of the entrepreneurial world.

On Top Of A Building

Remote entrepreneurs can do their eyes a huge favor by doing work on top of a building. After all, when you are on top of a tall building, the views are typically incredible. This could lead to extra motivation and inspiration.

Depending on where you live, your apartment/condo might have a work area located on top of the building, which is the perfect place for you to knock out a day’s worth of work. Changing up your work locations/environment is a great way to always feel inspired. It also makes work feel like, well, not work.


If you have never done work outside before, then you are truly missing out, entrepreneurs. This outside work can be on your porch/balcony, at a restaurant, in a park, on top of a mountain — you name it.

Doing your remote work outside will definitely help you break up the day, if you will, and will also make doing work that much more enjoyable (weather permitting, of course).

Now, working outside every day might not be the best option since there are so many distractions, but that is, of course, your choice to make.

At A Library

Working at a library is the perfect place for entrepreneurs to do their remote work. Here are two reasons why: (1) The networking factor comes into play because you never know who you are going to meet at a library. (2) There is an endless amount of knowledge at a library thanks to all of the books.

While the internet also has an endless amount of knowledge (you can access that as well at a library), books are a different breed, and every single one tells its own story.

Since libraries provide a quiet setting, it is rather easy to stay focused on work. Unlike coffee shops, there is typically an endless amount of places to sit, so that is one less worry you have to deal with.

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At Your Home Office

RemoteTraveling to unique coffee shops and libraries might be a serious perk when it comes to being a remote worker, but nothing beats your home office. After all, your home office should consist of everything you need, and it’s the perfect environment for entrepreneurs — because you get to create the environment. Coffee shops can get loud because of the people, working outside can be a hassle if the wind is blowing (or mother nature takes over in some fashion), libraries might not be your jam, etc.

However, you created your home office to fit all of your needs, and there is nothing that can beat it when it comes to a work setting as a result.

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