In this day and age, an entrepreneur has to do so many different things to climb to the top of success mountain.

On top of having to know the ins and outs of running a business, an entrepreneur also has to be a networking guru and, well, the list could go on and on. Nowadays, an entrepreneur also has to know how to market himself/herself, which means said entrepreneur likely needs to know how to run social media at an effective and masterful level.

How does one balance all of this? Well, by going to sleep at the same time every night/waking up at the same time every morning, staying motivated and hungry, never taking the foot off the gas pedal and, perhaps most important of all, staying focused.

You see, focus is an entrepreneur’s ultimate tool for success.

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If you focus on each and every project, you will surprise yourself in the end. If the opposite rings true, and you don’t focus while working on a project, then a nasty word could end up rearing its head — procrastination.

Focus is what you do when you eliminate each and every distraction (which includes your smartphone, meetings and anything that isn’t furthering your current project) and only worry about one thing. To harness ultimate focus, you need to, in a sense, have tunnel vision. By that, we mean this: You need to look at your project and forget all of your surroundings.Focus

Time management can make or break an entrepreneur’s day/week. One of the keys to time management is not just making a schedule and circling all of your top priorities, it’s also focusing. Focus alone will save you a ton of time — if you are focusing on the right things. Focusing is how you become the most productive version of yourself.

“Stay focused and stay determined. Don’t look to anyone else to be your determination – have self-determination. It will take you very far.” — Justice Smith

Not only can focus do wonders in the productivity department, but it can also lead to a person doing his/her most creative — and best — work. Life becomes a whole lot easier, and more meaningful, when we are only focusing on one thing at a time, when we are giving the task at hand all of our attention. Yes, life can throw some serious storms our way, and we are having to put (metaphorical) fires out on a daily basis, but we can live a more meaningful life if we are giving every task all of our focus, all of our attention.

One of the biggest problems with people is they rather be doing something else while the present is happening. Well, while focus alone can’t lead a person to a different place/path in the present time, it can lead to someone getting done with the task at hand quicker. Then, said person can spend the remaining time however he/she would like.

“What I’ve learned in these 11 years is you just got to stay focused and believe in yourself and trust your own ability and judgment.” — Mark Cuban

FocusLife is a very tough journey, but it is also a rather manageable one. If you want to get the most out of everything you do, while also doing your best work and saving the most amount of time in the process, then learn how to master the art of focusing.

We are only given 24 hours in a day. For some people, that’s not enough. However, for the focused and motivated mind, that is more than enough time. Spend your time wisely, and you will be able to control your days. Use focus as the ultimate weapon, and don’t let procrastination in the door … not even for a second.

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