There are countless people out there with fantastic business ideas who have no idea how to get the funding they need. The process of getting funding can be intimidating. Leave no stone unturned – you never know where money might come from unless you try! As Steve Jobs said, “I’m convinced that what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”


However long you think it might take to find investors, it could take longer. The key is to attack from all angles and keep trying. There are many, many routes you can take to find funding, and we’ve got a few suggestions to help get you started:


One of the most popular new ways to get investors is through crowdfunding. With the help of the regulation A+ Mini IPO you can now raise money on the internet selling stock directly to the consumer. You can legally raise up to $50 million, and it’s fairly simple. The A+ Mini IPO helps to streamline entrepreneurs’ ability to get in touch with investors across the web.

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Angel Investors

I have something called the Angel Investors Network. Angel investors can come from your family and friends, or you can get connected to them through various networking opportunities. Our Angel Investors Network allows entrepreneurs to directly apply and connect with our investors.

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Reach Out to Friends and Family

Never, ever underestimate your own personal connections. The people who know you are going to be the first ones to support you, and you’d be surprised how generous they can be. Don’t be afraid to pitch them your ideas.

Go Straight to the Investment Bankers

Get in contact with investment bankers in New York. If you can get someone on board with your ideas they’ll sell directly to their clients. Sound a little daunting? Work on your pitch and keep revising. While some guys at the banks are known to be a bit risk-averse and less interested in startups,[Tweet ” if you come in with a solid new idea you don’t know what kind of interest you might garner.”]

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