Dream Job

Everyone is in search of their dream jobs. Why shouldn’t they be? Theoretically, a dream job comes with happiness, meaningful work and a person actually wanting to go to work every morning. How do you know when you have finally landed your dream job, though?

Well, for starters, you might actually like your boss for once, a feat that might seem impossible for some. You will also likely be in an industry you love, doing a job you love. That’s the dream, a dream that people are, of course, in search of.

When you finally land this so-called dream job, you will know. Just in case, let these signs be your guide.

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How You Know You Finally Found Your Dream Job

  • Your Mood Is Different — And That Is 100 Percent A Good Thing
  • Instead Of Complaining About Your Job, You Tell Others How Great It Is
  • Your Work Environment Is Movielike
  • You Are Constantly Working … Because You Want To
  • You Are Finally Excited About Going To Work Every Morning

Your Mood Is Different — And That Is 100 Percent A Good ThingDream Job

When you finally land your dream job, you will notice your mood changing for the better. You will start waking up with a sense of purpose, you will treat people better, you will start singing along to the songs on the radio (okay, so you likely already do this) and you will just become a more positive person in general — and it’s a really, really great feeling.

Instead Of Complaining About Your Job, You Tell Others How Great It Is

How many times have you been caught complaining about a job? It’s okay, we have all done it before. We have all been stuck at a dead-end job, we have all had a boss who we loathed, we have all, for better or worse (mostly worse), hated our job more than anything on the planet. Unfortunately for our closest friends and family members, we unleash this stress on them by saying how much we hate our jobs.

Now, we still unleash our thoughts and feelings on our friends and family members, but it’s finally for all the right reasons. We start to tell these people how much we love our jobs, how we could actually see ourselves getting a beer with our bosses and how happy we are when it comes to life at work. This is how you know you have finally found your dream job.

Your Work Environment Is Movielike

In many movies, you will see a person at a job. At this job, you will see this same person interacting with his/her coworkers. You know, actually getting along with them. You will see this person going to the breakroom and having all of the coffee (or food) that they want, or it at least being offered. In every sense of the word, you will see this person working in the perfect work environment. If you have found your dream job, this movie scene will become — are you ready for this? — your life.

You Are Constantly Working … Because You Want To

9-to-5 will start to become more of a guideline than anything. Why? Well, because you will constantly be working because you actually want to work. If you are not physically doing a task that involves some kind of work, you will be brainstorming ideas to make your business (or whatever it might be) better.

You will work nights, weekends, holidays — you name it. And for once, you will do this because getting away from your work is not the direction you want to go. Needless to say, you will love your job and you will become obsessed with it.

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You Are Finally Excited About Going To Work Every MorningDream Job

We have sort of touched on this already, but now it’s time to bring it all together.

What is the one thing we hate more than anything? Alarm clocks, of course. Alarm clocks are hideous creatures that let their presence be known every single morning (typically five days a week). When you have finally found your dream job, you will literally wake up before this once-hideous creature because you can’t wait to start your day. You will actually want to go to work — it will become your favorite part of the day.

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