Being a dreamer is not a bad thing. After all, dreamers have very fascinating minds that flood with great ideas. However, a doer sometimes gets a better reputation, because he/she doesn’t spend all of his/her time dreaming, and instead puts the concept of productivity into motion.

We all have big dreams. You don’t have to be a dreamer to come up with the ideal life that you hope to eventually reach. However, being a doer can lead to you actually reaching your dreams.

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Here’s A Quick Breakdown Of How You Know You Are A Doer—And Not A Dreamer

  • Deadlines Aren’t An Obstacle For You
  • You Don’t Let Failure Win
  • You Are Surrounded By Other Doers
  • You Are A Doer

DoerDeadlines Aren’t An Obstacle For You

Okay, so maybe deadlines will still cause some pain and struggle no matter who you are, but doers don’t let obstacles get in their way.

They don’t even try to avoid an obstacle altogether. They look at an obstacle as a challenge, devise a plan to tackle said challenge and then go right through that obstacle.

You Don’t Let Failure Win

It is so easy to just quit when failure arises. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do after failing is to simply come up with a new dream, one that is more manageable and easier to achieve. If you are a doer, you will fail — because everyone does from time to time — but you will also get motivated by failing and then you will eventually win.

When it comes to failure, a doer will have the last laugh, and will also learn valuable lessons along the way (and apply said valuable lessons, of course).

You Are Surrounded By Other Doers

If you want to be successful, then you have to surround yourself with successful people. Likewise, if you want to be a doer, then you have to surround yourself with fellow doers.

It might sound simple … but really it is. Because a doer stops talking about his/her dreams (in this case, being surrounded by successful people) and goes out and makes those dreams come true.

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You Are A DoerDoer

You don’t simply talk about making something happen. You go out and make something happen. You are a doer, so you put the dreaming aspect of things into practice by actually chasing your dreams.

A doer — in every sense of the word — does.

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