To-Do List

Planning is one of the keys to success. Some entrepreneurs are expert planners, and others simply are not. No matter what profession you are trying to break into (or conquer), it is important to not only have the perfect schedule, but the ultimate to-do list as well.

In the spirit of helping entrepreneurs, business owners and driven people in general, we have come up with three steps that will help you make the ultimate to-do list. After you have created it, you will be able to crush every single day with ease, and on schedule.

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How To Make The Ultimate To-Do List That Will Help You Crush Every Day

  • First Things First, Write It Down
  • Bring Organization Into The Mix
  • Stop Pushing Items To The Next Day

First Things First, Write It DownTo-Do List

The first step to any to-do list is writing everything down. The point of this step is to not only get started, but making sure you don’t forget about anything. It’s very easy to forget a task, especially if you have a ton of work on your plate.

The key with any to-do list is making sure you write down what you need to get done. Remember, a schedule is typically a more detailed version of your to-do list, so there is no need to add breaks and lunch into the mix when it comes to your all-star to-do list — well, at least in most cases, that is.

Bring Organization Into The Mix

So you have jotted everything down, what’s next? Now it’s time to organize your to-do list.

Whether you want to organize it by priorities or categories, the choice is yours. If you just have a bunch of items listed off, then this to-do list could end up being overwhelming, which defeats the purpose of trying to get — and stay — organized. That’s why categories are a great option. If you really want to take the organization step to the next level, then you can make more than one to-do list. This step is crucial for entrepreneurs because many of them are juggling more than one business. Therefore, more than one to-do list makes perfect sense.

Always make sure you are prioritizing in some fashion, though. If you don’t, then deadlines will start mixing together, they won’t be as identifiable and you could start missing them.

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Stop Pushing Items To The Next DayTo-Do List

When making to-do lists, it’s very easy to push things off to the next day. That is because some people’s to-do lists aren’t very detailed. If you have seven tasks to tackle one day, and only four the very next day, it’s very easy to push one of the seven tasks to said very next day. In some cases, that might not be a bad idea.

Here’s the deal, though. You can’t get into the habit of changing your schedule — or in this case, your to-do list — over and over again. If you get into this habit, then you will never have stability when it comes to your time, work and your day. Not to mention, some “to-dos” take longer than others, so although one day might consist of seven items, it might take you less time to finish those seven than the next day’s batch of four.

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