Being productive outweighs working hard — it really does. No, that does not mean a person can be lazy for most of the day, be productive for an hour or so, and then still find a massive amount of success. That’s not how it works.

If someone wants to be successful, especially an entrepreneur, then said someone needs to find a combination of working hard and working smart. With that said, working hard — you know, simply putting in a lot of hours at the office — is not the proper way to achieve success in the long run.

Entrepreneurs still have to put in a good amount of hours, because the competition is likely doing just that. However, being productive is a great way to not only get ahead of this competition, but work less in the process as well.

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Being Productive Outweighs Working Hard — And Here’s Why

  • Working Too Hard For Too Long Leads To Burnout
  • Being Productive Leads To Complete Focus
  • Being Productive Leads To A More Fulfilling Life

Working Too Hard For Too Long Leads To BurnoutProductive

Humans are not machines. They will get burned out. Sure, some people are wired to work for 10 to 14 hours, but not everyone is like that. Not to mention, people don’t need to work for 10 to 14 hours every single day if they learn how to be productive. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, when an entrepreneur is first starting a business, he/she better be putting all of his/her time toward said business.

Plan and simple, working too hard for too long leads to burnout, and it can lead to burnout very, very quickly.

Being Productive Leads To Complete Focus

A productive mind is a very focused mind. Being productive involves working on a specific project, not checking social media, not responding to emails (unless that is the task at hand, of course) and not letting distractions win.

Being productive involves a person being 100 percent focused. Not only is that going to lead to someone only focusing on one thing, but it will likely also lead to someone doing his/her best work. Not to mention, when an entrepreneur is trying to pull off a juggling act, which consists of a person trying to tackle many jobs at once, he/she will likely get extremely overwhelmed in the process, and it could also lead to a ton of time being wasted.

That’s why checking things off of your to-do list (one by one) is the best way to go.

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Being Productive Leads To A More Fulfilling LifeProductive

If you are being productive, then you not only are working less hard, but you are also likely working less hours. Less hours on work means more hours to do the things you love, like pursuing your dreams, traveling, family time, etc.

Just remember, we don’t want people to think that working hard is not important, because that is just crazy talk. However, hard work — and nothing but hard work — is not the proper way to achieve success. Achieving success is a combination of many different ingredients. Hard work is one of them, yes, but being productive outweighs it.

Being productive and focusing on a work-life balance is what more and more people are starting to incorporate into their lives, which is why more and more people are starting to live more fulfilling lives.

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