Are you grabbing life by the horns?

This is your life, so you should be living it the way you want to live it. If you want to be a doctor, then go to school, learn and then become a doctor. If you want to own your own business, then research how that process works, figure out what your product/service will be and then start your own business. Of course, it isn’t always that simple.

The key is that you finally grab life by the horns so you can go out and get what you want. If you follow the four steps below, you can — and will — achieve that feat.

So many people are unhappy with their current situations. They might be unhappy from a financial standpoint, they might be unhappy with their career paths, they might be unhappy with where they live, etc. Start grabbing life by the horns. Start making your life the one you have always dreamed of.

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How To Grab Life By The Horns And Get What You Want

  • First Off, Figure Out What You Want
  • Next, Figure Out How Far You Are Away From This Goal/Dream
  • Make The Necessary Changes
  • Fake It Until You Make It

First Off, Figure Out What You WantLife

If you don’t know what you want, then you can’t go out and get it. It’s really that simple. How could you? Unfortunately, this is something a lot of recent college graduates deal with. They go to school for four extra years, major in the field of their dreams and then they have no clue what they want to be after graduation.

Before you can make your plan of attack and go out and achieve your goals and dreams, you have to figure out what you want first. You should spend a lot of time on this step. You don’t want to chase the wrong dream for an extended period of time, after all. At the same time, it’s okay to change your goals and dreams as much as you want. It’s. Your. Life.

Next, Figure Out How Far You Are Away From This Goal/Dream

After you have finally figured out what you want to be in life, you need to figure out how far you are away from this dream. Are you close? Does your new dream seem like it is light years away? Whether the case, this is a step that you can’t skip.

You need to know how long it is going to take you to hit each milestone/goal. If you don’t do that, then you are never going to know when you are supposed to hit your goals — because you won’t really be holding yourself accountable to them — and you will likely never achieve your dreams as a result. Also, you don’t want your goals to seem too far out of reach. You might never meet them if they are. As for your dreams, you can reach for the stars — and beyond. Your goals do need to be challenging … yet reachable.

Make The Necessary Changes

After you have figured out what you want to be and how far you are away from your new life, you need to start making the necessary changes. If you don’t make these changes, then you will never grab life by the horns and you will never get what you want.

This step involves taking action. If you need more schooling to get what you want, to tackle the job of your dreams, then you need to figure out your best schooling options. If you are working at a dead-end job, then you need to get out of it and find a new job/profession. If you need more money for your goals and dreams to come true, then you need to start saving said money.

Whatever the case might be, this step is all about making the necessary changes. Without these changes, your goals and dreams will never become a reality.

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Fake It Until You Make ItLife

You have figured out what you want, you have assessed how far you are away from your goals/dreams and you have actually started to take action — what’s next? Well, now that your plan is in place, it’s time to fake it until you make it.

This saying might be a bit overused, but it holds so much value. Faking it until you make it gets you into the mindset of a person who is in the process of living out his/her dreams. This builds confidence. This makes you believe that you are capable of anything. If you are really good at the concept that is faking it until you make it, then people will start believing in you as well.

Now, faking it until you make it doesn’t — and shouldn’t — come with a bag of lies. This should just be a process of you believing in yourself, finding all the answers along the way and trying to live in the shoes of someone who has made it. If you do this for long enough, you will eventually make it as well.

These four steps are how you grab life by the horns and get what you want. Use them to your advantage.

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