83606313 - attentive executive using desktop computer in officeThe signs of a transformative economy are everywhere we look. There’s a daily deluge of technology news ranging from the latest bells and whistles on our devices to the newest lifestyle convenience made possible by the Internet of Things.

Look deeper and so-called disruptions are suddenly becoming mainstream. Entire industries — think Uber upending transportation or Airbnb hijacking hospitality — have been redefined by new thinking and new ideas. The trend has spawned an ideas economy and flipped the connotation of the word “disruptive” from negative to positive. It’s now a business model that is desired and admired.

Robotics and automation have also seized our imagination — if not our anxieties. Suddenly it doesn’t feel far-fetched to picture scenes from science fiction movies — self-driving cars are coming — in our daily lives. Yes, the robots are here. And they’re a lot smarter than their caricatures.

For anyone looking to be a key influencer in their chosen field, this revolution brings both a warning and an opportunity. First, it reinforces the notion that career, as a concept, is over. As difficult as it is for aging generations to embrace, the prospect of having a single job forever has also ended.

This economic metamorphosis has created a sense of urgency. For creatives and entrepreneurs, it means a need for frequent reinvention. More than ever, a business idea that is dated by several years will be seen as baggage. Instead, business models must be regularly reimagined.

Still, the interconnectedness of this ideas economy brings unprecedented opportunity to market your message, product or service. Social media platforms and innovative apps provide forums to simultaneously present new ideas and prospect for investors.

Taken as a whole, there is more about the modern economy to praise than fear. And there has never been a better time to present your passion and vitality.