Building Excellent Relationships

You can’t be a successful business owner without building excellent relationships within every aspect of your field. The reason is pretty obvious: great relationships mean you get maximum performance.

Mistakes Millionaires Don’t Make 

So how do you build these relationships?

Get personal with people. Have great interactions with every link in the chain, from your distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers to your customer service.

Building great relationships goes beyond just being nice. It’s an effort that you have to make every single day. For example, it’s always best if you have one person whose delegated task it is to work with your supplier, your manufacturer, etc. They should be familiar with the people they’re working with. That way, if something goes wrong they have a face and a name to go with the problem. Say there’s an error when processing an order – if you’ve got a good relationship you’re more likely to get the problem solved quickly. If you’re just a faceless company there’s less motivation for quality service.


One essential thing:

You need to do is try to get out and meet with the people who work for you as much as possible. This goes beyond the people in your office. As the owner of a business, you need to be familiar with every step of the process. Treating everyone with respect means you’ll get respect in return.

With customer service there are endless ways you can work to develop relationships. As a business owner you’ll probably be working with clients and you should always make it as personable as possible. Really get to know the people you’re selling to. Another great way to develop relationships with customers is by creating a strong social media presence. This maintains an interaction with your entire customer base, beyond big-name clients. You can respond directly to comments, share your products and behind-the-scenes experiences, and really make people feel like they are a part of your business.

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In the endQuotes

It all comes down to the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. It might sound obvious, but it requires effort and awareness. You’ll find very quickly that when you work well with others everything runs much more smoothly.

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