One of the biggest mistakes people make

Is not developing an excellent morning routine that gets their day off to a good start. Starting off on the wrong foot means you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle to have a great day. I think it’s really important to figure out what suits you the best – if you aren’t a morning person, what can you do to ease into your day?

For me, I like to get out of bed and get a charge. I need to start out with some energy, get my blood flowing. Usually, I’ll do a little bit of exercise, whether I’m at home or on the road. I also like to get myself organized for the day – I like to have a good cup of coffee and return any emails I need to catch up on.

I’m incredibly fortunate in that I do what I love. 99% of the time I’m ready for the day because I know I’ve got some great businesses that I’m involved with. I’m always looking forward to the new opportunities I’m going to learn about each day.

The #1 Most Important Aspect Of Business

One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Jefferson, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” You can’t do well if you don’t get yourself in the right mental space to succeed. 220px-Official_Presidential_portrait_of_Thomas_Jefferson_(by_Rembrandt_Peale,_1800)

We can all recall the days that start out drained of energy and full of stress

How productive were you on those days? The next time you wake up and the prospect of work gives you a sense of dread you’ve got to fight back. Go for a run. Make yourself some coffee. Center yourself and do a mental review of your goals and ambitions. Every morning should start with a survey of the projects you’re working on.

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to wake up every morning excited about the business they’re involved in. If that’s the case, start working towards making a change. Wake up and decide today I’m going to do excellent work. If you’re doing good work you’ll eventually earn the opportunity to do what truly excites and interests you. That’s why getting every day off to a good start is so essential. You choose how your day is going to go, so make it a good one!

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