Being an entrepreneur can be a very rewarding life but it can also be a rather stressful one.

When you are having to juggle clients, employees and a whole lot of work, the daily grind tends to get a little more stressful — and messy — than anticipated. While we can’t help you eliminate stress altogether, we can give you three tactics to use in hopes of countering daily stress as an entrepreneur.

Take control of your life by taking control of your days — that’s the real key to the stress-free lifestyle.

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3 Ways To Counter Daily Stress As An Entrepreneur

  • Always Stick To A Ritual
  • Take Your Frustrations Out At The Gym
  • Have A Finish Line

Always Stick To A Ritual

Sometimes, this is easier said than done. After all, how many times have you woken up in the morning and just wanted to stay in bed and sleep more? This extra sleep, of course, gets you off your morning ritual.Stress

The key? Add everything to your schedule. Don’t have any surprises. For instance, if you are a coffee person and you typically buy a cup of coffee before you go to work in the morning, then add that to your schedule. Life isn’t fun when you are rushing from place to place, from task to task. Therefore, and we know this is easier said than done, create a schedule, a routine, and stick to it.

Yes, you will still have to put out fires that pop up throughout the week, but if you have daily rituals in place, then you will have a grip on your time, and you should be less stressed as a result. A big reason why so many people feel stressed is because of time, and feeling rushed. You don’t have to feel that way — well, if you stick to a ritual, that is.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” — Mike Murdock

Take Your Frustrations Out At The Gym

Unfortunately, taking frustrations out on people is a chain reaction. The boss takes it out on the person below him/her, and then that person takes it out on the person under him/her, etc. Put a stop to this by taking your frustrations out at the gym.

Yes, if work isn’t being done properly or in a timely manner, someone is likely going to hear about it, but don’t just take your frustrations out on another person because you are, well, frustrated.

One of the best ways to clear your head and eliminate stress is by going to the gym, or doing some form of exercise. Not only will you feel better about yourself because you got a workout in and are making your health a priority, but you will eliminate stress in the process. If you want to be less stressed in this lifetime, then you have to get the mind, body and soul right, folks.

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Have A Finish Line

StressWhat do we mean by this? Simple. Make it a point to stop working at the same time every day. This is one thing the office setting got right when 9-to-5 became a thing. Sure, some office warriors might have to work extra hours, and they might also have to do work outside of the office, but 9-to-5 is a saying now, if you will, for a reason — it is the norm, and it works.

Entrepreneurs are lucky. They get to pick when they want to work. As a result, they have the ability of making a finish line each and every day. Whether that stopping point is at 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m. or whenever it might be, stick to it every single day — well, every single day you work, that is.

While first-time entrepreneurs and business owners tend to log a ton of hours, if there is no downtime being had, then burnout will take place way sooner than expected. Success is a marathon. It takes consistency. You won’t achieve all of your goals in one night, unfortunately.

“Go for a walk outdoors. Reconnect with the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. Listen to the birds that live in a tree in your yard. Watch the sunset. Take time to smell the flowers that bloom in the park during the summer. The natural world is just as natural as it ever was, except there’s less of it than there was twenty-five years ago – and most of us don’t make a point of enjoying it often enough.” — Skye Alexander

If you have a finish line, then you can look forward to a stopping point each day, which is more valuable than a lot of people might think.

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