First-Time Entrepreneurs

In this day and age, more and more people are leaving their office jobs to become entrepreneurs.

This is great for two reasons: (1) More and more people are starting to chase their dreams, and they aren’t accepting the hand they were dealt in the process. (2) The competition factor. As a result of more and more folks venturing down the entrepreneurial path, this forces every single entrepreneur to be that much better.

While no one said being an entrepreneur was going to be easy, there is plenty of information out there (easily accessible information, might we add) for first-time entrepreneurs, and that is exactly what today’s article is all about.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, or simply could use some advice in the entrepreneurial field, then the five articles below will do you wonders.

5 Kevin Harrington Articles That Will Do First-Time Entrepreneurs Wonders

Focus Is An Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Tool For Success

“In this day and age, an entrepreneur has to do so many different things to climb to the top of success mountain.”

“On top of having to know the ins and outs of running a business, an entrepreneur also has to be a networking guru and, well, the list could go on and on. Nowadays, an entrepreneur also has to know how to market himself/herself, which means said entrepreneur likely needs to know how to run social media at an effective and masterful level.”

The No. 1 Tip Entrepreneurs Should Follow When Creating A Schedule

“You have heard it before and you will likely hear it on repeat during your entrepreneurial career: If you want to achieve success, then you have to make a plan and stick to it. You have to make a plan for your goals, your dreams, and you have to prioritize like no other.”

“However, there is one tip that tends to go under the radar when it comes to building that all-star schedule, the tip that is going to lead you to a massive amount of success.”

3 Time Management Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

“Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or have been conquering this field for years, there will always be one certain: You can’t buy more time because every single person, no matter how successful, is given the same amount.”

“As a result, people (yes, even entrepreneurs) are always looking for new tips when it comes to the time management department. If you can relate, then you are in luck, because we are about to unleash three time management tips for entrepreneurs. The best part? They are all very manageable and can be incorporated into your life as soon as, well, today.”

First-Time Entrepreneurs

Reasons Why You’re Not Making It As An Entrepreneur

“No one said being an entrepreneur was going to be easy. Regardless, the entrepreneurial field seems to be growing by the day. That is a good thing if everyone adopts the entrepreneurial mindset and is ready to do anything it takes to succeed, but that isn’t always the case.”

“People fail in every single industry. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also the truth. If you have taken the journey that is becoming an entrepreneur and if you also aren’t seeing as much success as you thought you would, then you need to figure out why before your life spins out of control.”

Ways To Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year Yet

“2017 is almost here. If you fell short on your goals in 2016 or simply took a step back in some fashion, then now is the time to gain back that motivation so you can hit the ground running when 2017 is finally here. In the spirit of that thinking, we will be providing you with four ways, if you will, to make 2017 your most successful year yet.”

“Now is the time to get motivated, entrepreneurs. Now is the time to take control of your life and find your true calling. If 2016 wasn’t your most successful year yet, then you should reflect on what you did wrong and what you did right. Apply those lessons to your current and future situations so you don’t make the same mistakes.”

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