How to Find a Mentor to Accelerate Your Success!

People continuously ask how I’ve sold over $5 billion in products globally over the past 30 years and my answer is always, like me, you need to learn how to find a mentor to accelerate your success and beyond.

Mentorship matters more now than ever before. In fact, my favorite saying for business and to entrepreneurs is…

Success Is Not a Solo Act!!

In today’s world, businesses and home life are continuously getting disrupted and it’s important to pivot and make the necessary changes to keep progressing. The best way to do this is to reach out and ask for help.

Watch the video below to get some crucial tips to help you find a mentor and become an awesome mentee:

From Dream —to Business

When we first dream about starting our businesses, we imagine all of the successes we will have.

We develop a vivid “before-and-after” picture in our mind and, with boundless energy, we tackle all of the challenges before us.

The hours and days quickly turn into weeks and months. The grind begins and we tell ourselves the relationship costs are part of the “price” of doing business.

STOP. This is a lie. You do not have to suffer damaged, distant, and broken relationships as you create your dream business.

I’m betting that a number of you reading this right now are struggling to figure this out.

My co-author Mark Timm and I wrote a book called, Mentor to Millions, to help you overcome these struggles —and learn how to grow in all aspects of life. (Shhhh, the digital copy is on sale right now for 99 cents, grab your copy here).

Don’t Struggle Alone in Business and Life

You’re struggling to reconcile the idea that your relationships don’t have to suffer for your business and vice versa. Chance are you’re in the thick of it and doing the best you can—and that’s okay.

Instead of accepting that the restlessness, is the way things have to be, the first step is to decide to make a change.

This is not just another generic tip for entrepreneurial success. It’s much more than that and here’s why……

My father once said, “Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep; a house, but not a home; a companion, but not a friend.” —Mark Timm, Co-Author of Mentor to Millions

I don’t do the entrepreneurial journey alone. In fact, I’ve had numerous mentors that have helped me, given me the guidance I didn’t even know I needed, and the timeless advice that I use every day.

It can be lonely as an entrepreneur. We get misinformed
somehow that to be one, we have to do this alone—but if you surround yourself with mentors and advocates, you greatly increase your odds of seeing fantastic success.

I call this the dream team! We all need one to succeed.

Learn more about how mentorship has changed my life and my mentee’s life —with success in business and at home.

How Do You Ask for —or Find— a Mentor?

Having a mentor in life and business is one of the biggest gifts you’ll ever receive to be fulfilled with successes and live a life full of wisdom and insights.

What you need to do is raise your hand and say, to the person you want to mentor you, with enthusiasm and without the hesitation of embarrassment, “I need your help. You know things I don’t know, and I can learn from you.”

Here’s the biggest tip to mentorship:

Be their BEST student and do it with enthusiasm —show up and commit! Your life will change, exponentially. —Kevin Harrington (from the book, Mentor to Millions)

When I first was seeking a mentor, I went to my inner circle of people that I do business with —who do I write checks to —accountants, lawyers in my business, phone centers, media companies.

So I reach out to the people that I’m connected with financially and ask for help because if they give me help, my business grows and they’re going to get more business from that. But I also belong to many clubs and organizations, entrepreneurs organizations.

I’m a co-founder of from the early days back in 1987, they give you mentors. When you join EO as an entrepreneur.

Also, look at your chambers of commerce, many, many places you can seek help, but start from within to begin with —

Here’s more sources and strategy to finding a mentor……

Source from trade associations and look at thought leaders, industry providers, etc who may be able to be mentors or advisors for you. Associations, publications, existing relationships, legal advisors, bankers, etc.

Leverage your network. There is often huge untapped value sitting in your existing network, you have to tap it and unlock it.

Are you ready to become the right kind of entrepreneur —with a mentor and a future dream team?

Are you ready to have much more than what you’ve come to expect?

Are you ready to finally live and fully integrated life of balance and success professionally and fulfillment and purpose at home? 

Today, I would like to invite you to take the journey with me, no matter where you are in your professional life. 

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