Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond

Mentor to Millions is live! What a huge announcement for my co-author, Mark Timm and I —as we’ve been working, tirelessly, to get this book to you. Mentor to Millions holds the secrets of success in business, relationships, and beyond.

Learn more about the book and how it can help you succeed in business and at home, especially during these uncertain times.

Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” of the TV hit Shark Tank, and serial entrepreneur Mark Timm takes you on a journey that radically redefines what it means to truly succeed–at work, at home, and in every area of life. 

Mentor to Millions Full Description

On one of the best days of his life as an entrepreneur, Mark Timm found himself sitting in his car at the end of his driveway. In just a minute he would go into the house and greet his wife and children. But as he basked in the success he’d just had, he also had to face a surprising realization: he didn’t really want to go home.

Mark knew that once he stepped into the happy chaos of his family, the euphoria of the day would evaporate. His work life and his home life might as well have been two different worlds. And at that moment, he acknowledged–as he puts it–that “my businesses were getting my first and my best, while my family got my last and my least.” 

Mentor to Millions charts Mark’s journey from that pivotal moment to a whole new understanding of how work, life, and relationships can coexist and thrive together.

Mentor to Millions will Change Your Life and Business, Exponentially

His guide through this journey: his accomplished mentor, Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” from Shark Tank, who shares amazing stories and imparts invaluable wisdom about how to win in business and in every area of life.

This deeply personal, easy-to-follow book invites you to join Mark and Kevin on the journey. Every page pulls back the curtain on entrepreneurship at the highest level, revealing priceless business lessons–which lead to the biggest lesson of all: combining the best of business, family, and personal life.

Learn the Secrets to Success with Kevin (on the Adam Carolla Show) HERE!

If you’re succeeding in business, struggling, or just starting out, and want your life at home to be what you’ve always dreamed it can be, this is the lesson you need to learn: the most valuable business you’ll ever own, work for, or be a part of isn’t the business you go to every day, it’s the one you go home to.

Are you ready to unlock the immeasurable power of leaning on others?

Are you ready to finally live and fully integrated life of balance and success professionally and fulfillment and purpose at home? 

Today, I would like to invite you to take the journey with me, no matter where you are in your professional life.  

Grab your copy here and enjoy the exponential journey to success!