How To Tell If You Need a Mentor!

There is one word to help you answer the question, “how to tell if you need a mentor!”, and that word is…… connection.

You know, people come on the tv show Shark Tank for two reasons. One, they want money, but oftentimes we found that they really want that mentorship and that connection to the shark —who can open the doors to an array of opportunities.

Example of How Mentorship Can Open Doors for Success

Over a decade ago, Kris Jenner (yes, that Kris Jenner) called me and said, “Hey, Kim’s over in Miami and she would love to, you know, get some projects. She’s been pitching a TV show out in LA. But until that comes through, if it ever does, could you please give her some, some things to do?”

So she had not started the show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians yet, but they got that deal very shortly thereafter. So she came over and we’re like, “okay, Kim, what do you want to do?” And, and she’s like “I’ll do anything to build my career”. At this time, she only had that store Dash in Calabasas and she was a closet organizer.

She was looking for connections and needed a mentor to help her find them and open those doors to major opportunities.

And we did, in fact, before her Keeping Up with the Kardashians Show went viral, we gave her a steam iron (since she was organizing celeb closest, etc) to sell and we moved her around to get shots with a lot of great footage and some of her stuff actually did end up working real well.

A couple of weeks later, Kim got her deal done with Keeping Up with the Kardashian and the rest is history.

Moral of the story here is that she needed a connection —one to help her grow and find the success she needed to exponentially grow —and she did.

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Here’s How to Connect and Find Your Mentor

People know about connecting and mentorship —they hear about it throughout their life, but they just don’t take action.

So when someone says, “how do you get a mentor?”

We say, you first have to put your hand up and say, “I need help”. Some people just don’t know where to go, what to do, how to do it.

So, how do you engage with mentors?

Gain the confidence to ask for help and tell them that you’re ready to learn and commit, enthusiastically.

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!” —Paul J. Meyer

I did dozens of deals, but I did many dozens of deals that I didn’t do.

But the folks that I wouldn’t do a deal with, they would (persistently) call me two, three, four, five weeks later and say, “Hey, Kevin, I know you didn’t want to invest in my company, but can I count on you for some advice, for some mentoring? And would you be willing to do that?”

This was the beginning of my understanding that we all need that connection with someone to help us, and ultimately mentor us to be better than we already are.

Thing is that I’ve had mentors in my life, but people if they want to be successful, they have to find somebody that’s got some vision that has some relevance in their industry. This can be very powerful in helping them move in the right direction.

For instance, one of my first mentors was a finance guy that helped me raise capital and grow my business. This changed the game for me and my business.

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How To Get the Exponential-Thinking Mindset (like your mentor’s)

The only thing that intrigues me is multiplying value. I’m always looking for multiplication of resources and synergy—this is what I’m most drawn to. And do you know how I learned this?

With my past and current mentors like my Father, Charlie, Zig Ziglar, Richard Branson, and many more.

Like them, if I find a venture that has this (exponential) quality, then there’s usually an instant attraction to it.

Learn how to find a mentor to accelerate tour success!

Multiplication is about exponential growth, and if you can modify your brain to think exponentially, you’ll separate yourself from a large contingent of entrepreneurs.

Exponential thinking separates the goods from the greats.

Whenever I throw myself into a new venture or category with which I’m not familiar? The first thing I do is find a mentor.

I set up my Dream Team for those connections that I need to be able to achieve exponential success.

Are you ready to unlock the immeasurable power of leaning on others?

Are you ready to finally live and fully integrated life of balance and success professionally and fulfillment and purpose at home?

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