Teal Trunk

It’s here…… the best cleaning tool for the home and the office. The number one reason why I love this product is that Teal Trunk creates a clean space, especially during these uncertain times.

It’s important, more now than ever, to have a safe and clean environment at home and at work.

In fact, with each new season, you should always take time to disinfect your work and desk area! While Fall and Winter can bring the cold and flu, germs are present all the time, as we’ve learned with the pandemic.

And don’t forget about that unwashed coffee mug you keep reusing. According to research data, it’s 15 times germier than the office toilet seat (maybe less at home but still, you get the point).

With these wild stats and the never-ending pandemic, we were lucky enough to find such a new and innovative multipurpose cleaning tool called Teal Trunk: Bottle Brush.

It’s going to make your life much easier and more hygienic.

Keep on reading to learn more about Teal Trunk. Believe me when I tell you that in just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to grab this new cleaning tool and ditch your old one.

Use this one instead and here’s why.

Cool Story about Teal Trunk

Recently, I was having a glass of coffee while reading my favorite newspapers for the day and I looked down and noticed that the coffee cup I just finished was dirty and needed a quick scrub.

Here’s the moment where I thought, “should I stop reading and clean my cup or just move on and quickly pour another cup”, despite how dirty it was?.

Actually, here’s how I make some of the easiest decisions to some of the toughest. It’s called the 1-minute rule by Gretchen Rubin……

“If a task can be completed in one minute or less, it should be done immediately, like washing a dish, answering an email, or picking up a few things on the floor.”

Alright, so as I was looking for a scrubber and I found that it was broken, I knew I had to buy a new one. I added it to my shopping list. So, I cleaned the coffee cup the old school way and moved on.

Luckily and before the same old-school scrubber was ordered online, I had a meeting with my dream team and they happened to tell me about a new product called Teal Trunk.

What are the odds, right? So, I was instantly interested. Right there, in that moment, it was solving a problem (my problem, ha).

Now, honestly, I knew this was a popular niche but I was shocked to see this product. 

Here’s why I love this product and so will you.

Why I love Teal Trunk?

Here’s a big reason, it solves a big problem in the cleaning tool business.

Plus, if it’s a matter of health or hygiene, I will happily take the pitch and listen intently to what the product does and if it’s efficient.

Additionally, it’s eco-friendly, ergonomic, reusable, stain-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant, BPA-free and FDA approved.

Right there, it solves so many problems like producing less environmental waste, easier on the hands, and safely used over and over.

These are just to name a few. Here are more innovative and cool features this cleaning tool provides.

Learn more on why Teal Trunk creates a clean space for the work-from-home people or in the office —and why it’s the best.

It’s BPA, Toxins, and Allergens Free

It’s free of plastic, unlike the traditional scrubber. You will not produce any waste environmentally. It doesn’t even wear out.

It’s completely hygienic. Now, many people are confused here thinking, “how can a type of scrubber be hygienic”, right? Here’s how……

It comes with a 3-finger grip where you can put your hand and start the cleaning. This will give you enough distance between the item you’re washing and your hand.

Also, you will know which part of the scrubber is dirty and where you will have to hold it from. 

Further, it’s hypoallergenic with absolutely no pores to harbor any type of bacteria.

In simpler words, it’s bacteria-free. The product is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

The material used here is silicon and safe to use. 

It’s Mildew, Stain, and Odor Resistant

Mildew, stain, and odor are the three main reasons why people dislike cleaning things (even for those who do like to clean).

Sometimes, the odor is just filthy. Just like in the previous story I told. If I had to clean something that had a really bad odor, I wouldn’t clean it until the newer version arrived.

That’s a long time to wait to clean your favorite cup.

If you’re also feeling the same, go ahead, and skip the rest of my excitement here, and grab this cool product here.

On the order page, you will get odor-resistant specifications.

It also has no open pores keeping it bacteria, mildew, and stain-resistant. It is completely safe to use and free of bacteria and fungus.

A Cleaning Tool That Can Reach Anywhere

Sometimes, you might want to clean a bottle, dish, or cup and the scrubber won’t reach the very bottom. Not with this product.

Teal Trunk’s silicone bottle brush lasts much longer than traditional sponges and brushes, with its durable stainless- steel handle.  

Like you might have guessed, it comes with a detachable head. You can take the scrubber out and then use it as per your need. 

If you ever feel like cleaning the brush alone or you want to replace the brush, you can easily take out the scrubber and keep the ergonomic handle with you. Isn’t this easy?

Teal Trunk has Multiple Usage

Here’s one more benefit you need to know about. Here, you can use the same Teal Trunk for various purposes. 

It’s not just for a bottle. You can use the brush to clean anywhere your hand doesn’t reach. It could be a flower vase or something in your car. 

Now, what I suggest (and what I actually did) is to grab two or three brushes instead of one. That way, you can keep one for the kitchen use and keep one handy for other areas that you like to keep clean.

There is a small surprise regarding this option that I am going to share later in this blog. So, make sure that you keep reading.

Overall, there are many ways in which you can use Teal Trunk. You can also use it for vegetables, utensils, etc. You can use it for the car, bike, shoes, and much more.

I’ve heard others have been using it on their makeup brushes. That’s a great idea and it’s safe and hygienic.


Now you know why Teal Trunk creates a clean space for the home, the office, and the environment.

It’s Durable

You can rely on the durability of this product. The build quality and squeegee technology of Teal trunk are impressive and effective.

It’s definitely not one of those delicate products that will break after you clean things once or twice. 

However, if you accidentally run those bristles across something sharp, no need to worry! They’ve got you covered, simply slide off the bristles and replace it with a new one and keep the ergonomic handle!

If you are a regular cleaner, you know how hard it can be to get the dirt and grime out of some of your dishes.

Here’s what’s cool, you can use the handle with quite the grip and it still won’t break.

Trust me, we’ve used Teal Trunk in our cars, in those tight cleaning spots, and it held up to the heavy-duty pressure and long-winded use.

Here are even more reasons why this new product, Teal Trunk creates a clean space while providing durability —and continues to stands out above the rest.

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What Does Teal Trunk Do and How It Works?

Well, I have shared almost all the features and benefits regarding this neat tool. But I think it’s important to know exactly what it does and how to use it.

So, we’re going to expand it with a user guide. So, here is how you can use it. 

The brushes arrive when you order the item. The head of the brush can be removed if you want. This will allow you to clean it properly in case you want to. 

You can start using the product immediately.

Remember, it has an ergonomic handle to hold it, so you clean the things where your hands won’t reach.

In fact, using the Teal Trunk Bottle Brush is the easiest! It goes like this:

  1. Lather: Use the long bristles to work up a good lather of soap on your bottle, glass or other dishes.
  2. Scrub: Use the Teal Trunk bottle brush to scrub those hard-to-reach places.
  3. Rinse: Rinse away the soap and see your dishes shine like never before!

When the cleaning is done and you want to clean the brush, you can take out the brush from the handle and clean it directly. 

It’s no secret that this thing is easy to use wherever you want and creates a clean space, while all the other features are just bonus perks when you get Teal Trunk

Plus, you don’t need to spend hours reading the how-to directions. Just pull it off and that’s it. 

There’s a Surprise

……and we’re here for it, in fact, I bet many people were waiting for this, right?

Remember earlier, when I told you about the surprise when we were discussing how you can grab more than one brush. 

So, here is the surprise. 

Teal Trunk is offering up a special discount when you buy two brushes instead of one. This is a great deal.

But wait! There’s more……

You’ll also get two replacement heads when you buy two brushes. They have two plans if you want to buy 2 brushes. 

Both of them are offering a discount and shipping is free. WOW!

This is a limited time offer. So, act now, and stock up on with your very own Teal Trunk.

There is one more surprise for you. 

It doesn’t matter how many brushes you order, there is a mystery gift for you. When you add the item to your cart, they will reveal the gift to you. Very cool!

They have the gift for all three plans. Yes, there are three plans. The first plan is the simple brush. Whereas, the additional plans are for the people who want to buy 2 brushes. That’s where the discount comes into play. 

Learn more about these plans on their website here.

Should You Buy Teal Trunk?

When I suggest a product that I love to others, they always ask me if they, too, should buy the product.

Therefore, I’ve shared all the reasons, features, and benefits of why I love Teal Trunk. In my opinion, it’s a quick yes!

Teal Trunk’s most popular features are that it’s durable and the head is also removable.

Do you know what this means?

It means, that if you buy 2 brushes, you can use the same brush for a very long time. Unlike your traditional scrubber, you won’t have to buy it again and again. 

This should seal the deal and be 100% Yes to grab it now.

My dream team and I have been using Teal Trunk now for a while and we love it so much so that it’s become the best tool to create a clean WFH Space for each of us (and for our families).

Check out their website to lock in your discount for this new WFH tool.

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