Entrepreneurs: How To Start a Business Now!

My mission is to help entrepreneurs start their business and empower them to exponentially succeed.

So entrepreneurs, today, you’re gonna learn how to avoid waiting for the perfect moment and how to start your business now!

In the video below, I bring you along my journey from investing in the Ginsu Knife to becoming the Original Shark on the TV show Shark Tank.

Here’s the thing, we all have to start somewhere but the only way you can become a successful entrepreneur is by starting now!!

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Moment

If you are waiting for the perfect moment, then you are wasting your time. Therefore, it is important that you start making your move now.

A special skill set is something not included in your genetic makeup.

Entrepreneurs are not born with specialized skills. There is no magic behind their success in the business sector.

In fact, an entrepreneur has a vision and he or she MUST work hard to convert that vision into reality. 

It is not always easy to achieve your goal – especially if you are waiting for the perfect or right time. It’s because there is no right time to start a business.

Many people think of starting a business but they stop themselves because they are afraid and concerned about the time.

For instance, they’ll obsess over whether it’s the right time in their life to start a business or when they should exactly start their business.

These are some basic obsessions that stop new entrepreneurs from starting or establishing a profitable business. 

It’s called overthinking their dreams to begin and succeed.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

You can overcome these obsessive thoughts by simply following the philosophy of famous entrepreneurs – which corresponds exactly to the title of this blog post……

Hey Entrepreneurs out there, act now and start a business of your dreams!

The main problem here is that dreams don’t change lives —action does.

Whilst dreaming big and imagining all the awesome things you want to do is a great way to waste a Saturday afternoon, BUT dreaming of success alone isn’t going to make it happen.

In fact, we can spend an ample amount of time dreaming about things and spend so much time planning that we forget to actually do what it takes to make that dream happen.

Build a Business with a Success Mindset

Start with accepting your role as a leader. You have to come to the important terms with a wide range of challenges of being an entrepreneur. 

Don’t work for yourself only – but for all the people believing in you and your dream. —Kevin Harrington

This is a fact and you must accept it in the beginning. I call this a success mindset that will allow you to do a lot better in the long run.

You must surround yourself with the believers and the doers.

Although it sounds a bit simple it’s not always easy for entrepreneurs to find people with the same success mindset —and from which they can get inspiration and goals met.

Build a Business with a Dream Team

You need a core group of individuals who believe in you, the ideas you present, the vision and mission you have, as well as the methodology of approach you follow to build an empire of business.

You also need to surround yourself with people who can put themselves on the line in order to help you achieve your goals. 

Most importantly, you need to believe in your dream team as they do you!

Entrepreneurs and their dream team need to work together in every aspect —the good, the bad, the ugly— as this can help your business grow exponentially 100X.

Everyone needs to be on the same page and grow forward together.

In addition, you will also face unexpected pressures and at the same time, you should know that many such pressures follow you home.

At the end of the day, you need to find people personally and professionally who can share a dream with you and agree with your goals. 

Start Planning and Stop Obsessing

It is likewise important to set distinct parameters on people who own different aspects of the business.

It’s important to establish clear-cut roles to make sure there’s harmony when you work with your work partners, close friends, and or family members.

So much so, you should start a business immediately and stop obsessing about timing and that perfect moment that doesn’t exist.

If not, you can achieve your goals but only slightly in dreams or imagination.

Step 1 is to move from dreaming to doing in order to make your success in business a reality. —Kevin Harrington

We can’t deny the opportunity for our dreams to become something that impacts others…

Go for it… Take your first step… and begin to “do” the things your dreams are begging for you to begin…… as in, start a business now!

Again, don’t wait for the perfect moment – instead, create one! 

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