How To Make Money During (and After) a Pandemic

With all of us being home now more than ever before, this is the best time to jump on the next business opportunity and learn how to make money during (and after) a pandemic.

In fact, during the pandemic people have been reaching out nonstop and asking what they should do with their business or how to start a business.

I’ve spent some time doing many different sessions with entrepreneurs, counseling them, mentoring them, coaching them on how to get through this.

Now and in this article, I’m going to virtually put pen to paper and list the few ways to help you get started on making more money today!!

In the video below, I chat with other entrepreneurs like you about the top few ways you can learn how to make money during (and after) the pandemic.

How an Earlier Crisis Brought Us Here Today

Throwing it back to 1990 when the Gulf War crisis hit and the flood of people kept reaching out and saying, “Well Kevin, how did you get all of these skill sets and continue to make money during these rough times?

In fact, my company was in the middle of doing 100 million a year.

We had a hundred plus employees and all of a sudden the Gulf war hit boom, dropped off the cliff.

Our sales were down by 90% because nobody was buying products. It’s sort of like what happened when the Covid-19 hit…… everybody was scared, everybody went away and nobody was out buying things like fashion, products, and this and that.

The 1990’s big crisis sort of threw me into action-mode and I knew it was a moment of sink or swim. So, I decided to write a book called The 100 Best Spare-Time Business Opportunities Today.

This book was a best seller 30 years ago —right in the middle of the Gulf War.

I’ve become the Spare-Time-Business-Guru for 30 plus years because of this first book and now, right in the middle of the current crisis, I’m updating this book that’ll list new business opportunities that are available to you in today’s world.

Here Are 5 Ways to Start Making Money During a Pandemic

If you are in the middle of or think you might be losing your job, it’s not the time to give up, in fact, it’s your moment to start that business you’ve always dreamed of having.

#1 Work From Home by Selling Products Online

And so on that note, working from home is now one of the biggest trends.

So if you have a product that fits this work-from-home ecosystem, now might be a good market for you.

For example, Sofia Richie was selling fashion but with the pandemic forcing us to stay home, she is now focused on work from home fashion.

Instead of Sofia Richie just selling a silky jumpsuit, she’s selling work from home attire, seeing a lift in the process, and changing headlines.

Basically, entrepreneurs are making the necessary tweaks and changing their business model in the marketplace.

There’s also a new term in online retail called re-commerce. Also, know as, Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

There are all these sites out there that are selling products that are re-commerce? Such as, something may be in your closet, et cetera that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

#2 Work From Home by Selling Products on Amazon

People have said, how can I raise money?

Well, maybe you could re-commerce some things in the process, but another way to raise money and some initial sales quickly is to build an Amazon business.

The world of Amazon is going crazy.

You know, I’ll just say this. I started in the direct consumer business back in the early eighties so for almost 40 years, I’ll never forget when I told my mom, as one of six kids……

“I’m dropping out of college”. And she said, “Oh my God, I wanted you to be a lawyer or a doctor. What are you going to be doing?”

And I’m like, “well, I’m going to be an entrepreneur“.

And she said, “well, Hey, you’re your first older sister married a lawyer, your other sister married a doctor, and our older brother is a corporate executive, so you’re going to be, what?”

I’m going to be a product consumer business. This is before QVC. This is before Amazon, but that’s what I was doing…… selling products direct to the consumer.

And so Amazon is a huge opportunity for folks out there. Trust me on this one!!

We’re doing a ton of business on Amazon and we’ll continue to do that for many years to come.

So with businesses on Amazon, there are many companies, right now, that are building them and flipping them and their values are based on a number of things like, the age, the niche, the product categories, etc.

#3 Work From Home by Creating Content Everywhere

Just as in the Video Conferencing meeting like we’re doing in the youtube video above which is also us creating content.

I’ve been creating dozens and dozens of hours of content over the last number of weeks. I’ve been attending and speaking at Virtual Summits and webinars.

Using video tools as we do weekly is also a great way that you can connect with investors.

You can also connect with customers and create lead generation.

Let’s look at a company that has avoided trouble during these rough times, called Papa John’s.

Why are they doing well? Because they are a self-contained company that is direct to the consumer selling their pizza and they’re delivering it with a no-touch policy.

Think about how you can be doing things like this and get creative to please the customer.

Here Are Some Resources to Help You Now

Our Dream Team has a lot of details to share with you. We have materials, we have books, we have the Maverick’s battle guide, and How to Become a Key Person of Influence (also known as KPI)

Inside the KPI book, there are five steps on how to become one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.

This is part of our teachings and mentorship. Grab your resources here!!

Partnerships Are Key for Building a Business

It’s important as you’re creating your business and selling your product that you create amazing partnerships.

The most rewarding part of building a business with the spirit of partnership in everything you do is the unexpected rewards that show up.

You know you’ve built solid partnerships when you’re constantly surprised by how things turn out better than you expected.

Learn the 7 Keys to Highly Profitable Partnerships

Great partnerships have allowed me to make progress in ways I would have never imagined.

As a result of partnerships, I’ve seen my businesses go global—

I’ve received investment at the valuation I wanted—

I have earned a high income—

I’ve been given shares in growth companies—

I have had a lot of fun, been invited on unique trips away, and met my entrepreneurial heroes.

None of these things would have happened if I hadn’t built strong relationships that turned into strong partnerships.

Even though troubling times can hit us when we least expect it, what matters is how you react and keep moving.

Are you sinking or swimming?

It’s time to swim and live your dream by learning how to make money during (and after) a pandemic by learning from the gurus (like me), take working from home to a new level, get creative, use your resources, use your mentors, grab a business partner, and act now!!

Do You Need Help with Surviving in Your Business During a Crisis?

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