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Believe in yourself has become an overused motivational term

Trust in yourself before you can trust anyone

No matter how talented or inspired you are if you don’t believe in your own abilities you won’t achieve your dreams. While “believe in yourself” has become an overused motivational term, the reality is that it is absolutely essential that you trust in yourself before you can trust anyone or anything else to reach your goals.

I believe it’s true that if you keep telling yourself something you can make it a reality. The very act of constantly reminding yourself that you can is an important motivator – even on those days when you’re at a loss.

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One of my favorite stories

One of my favorite stories of belief is one actor and comedian Jim Carrey once shared about his own aspirations. Carrey was getting started in the acting world in the late 80s and early 90s, and he wrote himself a check for $10 million for “acting services rendered.” He told himself he had 5 years to reach that goal. He visualized what he wanted and it pushed him in the right direction. Within 5 years, almost to the day, he signed a contract to star in a film for $10 million.

Visualization and achievement

Carrey didn’t achieve his goal simply because he wrote himself a check and crossed his fingers – he earned his success through incredibly hard work. However, keeping that check in his wallet was an important reminder to keep going. It was his way of fighting his own personal doubt. If he’d lost faith in himself he’d never have had the guts to keep putting himself out there in audition after audition.

Carrey is an amazing example of the idea of visualization and achievement. He is quick to remind people that “you can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.” Decide that you are going to reach your goals because you are more than capable.  Hustling

know that I can

I have worked hard to believe in myself. When I decide that I’m going to make something successful, I do it. This is because I know that I can. Once you develop that confidence it stays with you. I’ve learned through so many ups and downs that I always end up where I want to be. I trust myself, and know that just because there are bumps in the road doesn’t mean that I won’t eventually earn what I want.

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Tell yourself you are worthy, and always act like you are

You cannot rely on other people without relying on yourself first. If you put your faith in others, or let other people dictate your life because you aren’t confident enough to stand up for yourself, you’ll never get anywhere.

Additionally, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying to sell investors on a product or service then you’ve got to convince people you believe in your creation. If you give the impression of uncertainty it will make other people doubt you as well. Leave no room for doubt and always present yourself as confidently as possible. There will be times where you walk into a room and feel totally inadequate. Don’t let anyone know. Tell yourself you are worthy, and always act like you are. You’ll quickly see those thoughts manifest themselves!

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