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Building Your Brand

Following My Passion

I did a fantastic interview with Brandon T. Adams, and we give a lot of insight into the business world as well as how I got to where I am today. How did I become so successful?

I focused on my personal brand. I made myself an influencer. I started doing radio shows – over 100 of them – and through that I caught the attention of Shark Tank’s Mark Burnett. Shark Tank solidified my public presence and has been a tremendous launching point for me to continue following my passion of working with, and helping, new entrepreneurs.

Believe In Yourself Has Become An Overused Motivational Term

Check out the full interview to hear me talk about some of my most life-shaping experiences, including my best investment and the lowest moment in my business career!

There are a few things I consider essential to building a personal brand

Content is first. I try to be innovative in the content I’m putting out. I’m blogging, I’ve got a website, I’m doing interviews, and I’m putting out lots of video. Video content is absolutely essential to your brand. You’re getting your face and voice to the masses. Written content is great, but the ease of video content exposes you to a new audience who might not be reading your articles. Video is the future of content.

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I go to around 100 shows per year

Another major factor in my branding success has been trade shows. I go to around 100 shows per year. I could be going to 300. You have to narrow things down and determine what is actually worth your time. When I’m going to a show I get a list of who’s going to be there ahead of time. I set up meetings. When I arrive I’ve got a great schedule and I know that I’ll be walking out with some big deals.  

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I get asked a lot about how to give a great pitch

Always come in with a plan. Planning and organizing is absolutely essential to finding any success in this industry. If you’re going to pitch me you’ve got to tease, please, then seize. Tease with an attention-getting problem. Then please by offering a solution and the benefits of your idea. Finally, you’ve got to seize with an irresistible offer. Keep it under three minutes, always.

Let your passion shine through. I want to know that this is something you care deeply about. Without passion there can’t be great success. My greatest passion is helping new entrepreneurs. It’s why I keep going.

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