If you work from home (the digital nomad movement is becoming more and more popular by the day), then this problem might emerge for you: Your home office doesn’t feel like an office, a place of work. Therefore, plenty of time is wasted (this mostly comes into play when you first start working remotely). However, if you do work in a traditional office with other people, then you probably want your desk to have a more home-like atmosphere. You can’t win. Or can you?

With a proper mindset and some additions, workers can master the art that is making their work desk more comfortable.

When it all comes down to it, a comfortable chair and a desk that allows you to be at the proper height is the most important thing, for comfort is an actual feeling. Many people already have the ideal chair, one that aligns them perfectly with their computer and desk. What is lacking is the proper environment.

So if you are working in an office, here are some basic things to give it that home-like feel: Pictures of your loved ones, something spunky that shows off your personality, inspiring quotes placed out to remind you of the purpose of your journey and other objects that you would have at your home office. Simply replacing the wallpaper on your cubicle could even go a long way. Decorations of any form, no matter where you work, are crucial.

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If you are working at home, then trying to trick your mind into thinking you are actually at work is the key. Therefore, make your home office feel like an actual office by adding office materials to the equation, such as a stapler, calendar, possibly a phone (it doesn’t even have to be plugged in), pens, a printer and all of the other typical suspects when it comes to office supplies.working from home kevin harrington

No matter where you work, the environment, lighting, temperature and many other aspects have to be just right for people to work at their best. At the end of the day, whether you are a remote warrior or office soldier, your preferences are your preferences. If you like things simple, then simple is best. The key is to experiment with ideas —  we don’t always get things right the first time.

The bottom line: A lot of time is spent working (bills have to be paid every month, after all), so it is important that your desk is comfortable and fits your needs. If you have to bring in your own furniture — and HR approves — then by all means do so. Your sanctuary is your sanctuary.

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