When we were kids, we were told that we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up. Whether we wanted to be a professional athlete, the next Stephen King or an astronaut, we were told to reach for the stars at a young age — because anything is possible. Therefore, we go on living our lives with that thought in our minds.

Then we start to get older, and we realize being anything we want is a lot easier said than done. Still, many of us continue to reach for the stars, and some of us are lucky enough to do the unthinkable, which is actually making our dreams come true.

If you have stopped reaching for the stars, well, start it back up. You should never stop following your dreams — no matter what age you are.

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The regrets will instantly come rolling in if you do put that guitar down, if you decide not to go to medical school, if you stop practicing your favorite sport for hours upon hours. Regret is a tough pill to swallow, and one that some might never bounce back from.13125029_1078860272160742_6086974616345613183_n

Why follow your dreams? Because it will help you grow as a person, it will humble you and it will crumble you, but it can lead to the one thing we are all in search of — happiness. It could lead to a life of riches, and not just the ones you put in your wallet.

Some of us go all in, swing for the fences and end up with a nasty pile of debt. That is just one of the cons of following your dreams.

No one is telling you to quit your job and start conquering the path that is reaching your dream, though. Artists — lots of artists — create when they are not at their day job. These types of people, dare we say dreamers, use all of the hours in the day to get where they want to be. There are only 24 of them, no matter who you are, so it is crucial to use them wisely.

The midlife crisis and quarter-life crisis are real, and they usually sprout up because we are empty inside, in a sense. We aren’t quite satisfied where we are in life. We never actually went for the career we wanted, but the one that led to financial security.

Finding your passion can be a very ugly path, but you are never going to find it if you don’t start on said ugly path at some point.

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If you are beaten up, broken down and are starting to show quit in your heart, just remember that many great people in the past have failed. Thomas Edison failed. Stephen King failed. Bill Gates failed. Many highly successful people failed before making their mark on the world. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company (Apple) — you might have heard.

13116500_1079510938762342_4173912214840561566_oYou don’t have to be 20 years old to follow your dreams. There are many successful people who didn’t make a name for themselves until they were much older than 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years old. The point being, a person never knows when he/she is going to finally catch that big break.

If J.K. Rowling would have stopped following her dreams, no one would know about Harry Potter.

Life is short, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Life can be very tough — this we all know.

At the end of the day, no matter what age you are, will you be happy?

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