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13173231_1080795941967175_7199681073581061573_oA daily routine is just one of those things that everyone needs if they plan on being successful. After all, structure is a very powerful tool to have in life, and building a routine — that you will stick to every day — is the ultimate goal when it comes to being your most productive self.

When coming up with an all-star routine, doing something creative might not be on everyone’s mind, but it is a very important part of the process.

Doing something creative doesn’t necessarily have to be writing a book, joining a band or painting a masterpiece. Instead, think of doing something like writing a short story (or poem), playing an instrument or drawing something — well, unless, of course, you do happen to be in a band or are working on your first screenplay, that is. Nonetheless there are many ways for people to be creative, and there are plenty of reasons why doing something creative should be part of your daily routine.

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Flexes The Brain Muscles — Because It’s Not Busy Work

People need entertainment in their lives. While taking vacations is one way to escape reality for an extended period of time, they also aren’t plausible on a week-to-week basis. Another way to escape reality during the workweek is to add a creative step to your day. The best part? This should be something you want to do. Also, this is not busy work, but it still helps you to flex those brain muscles anyway.

Gets You Out Of Your Old Routine

While having a routine is crucial when it comes to staying on track, routines can also bring on some dull moments, because you are theoretically doing the same thing every single day. However, adding a gap in time (you can call this your creative time) will help you to get out of your old routine, in a sense.

Something Different

Hitting on the last point a step further, doing something creative — like knocking out your first chapter of your first novel — is likely much different from your day job. It will completely help to break up the day.

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Everyone Needs A Hobby13124919_1075958495784253_1065155915805609605_n

Everyone needs a hobby. Yes, that is even the case if you are the CEO of your own company. Why not make that hobby something that is going to stretch your mind? Of course, taking on a hobby like meditation or a sport is always a good idea from a health standpoint.

It’s Fun

Whether you are helping to write a new song for your band or playing a classic on your own, you are doing one thing — which is having fun. Sure, figuring out a character for your story can be a very frustrating process, but it is also challenging. Yes, challenging and out-of-the-box thinking can be fun.

There is a creative side to every person, and we can really use that to our advantage by adding a new creative hobby to our daily rituals.

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