When people are motivated, the sky is the limit — literally anything is possible.

Unfortunately, motivation tends to die at a fast rate when a person hustles like it’s no one’s business for an extended period of time. After all, people are not machines. They need sleep, and they have to recharge the mind, body and soul (preferably on a daily basis).

If everyone could go, go go, then everyone would likely be rich. That, of course, is not the case.

While being consistent with your efforts is one of the best things you can do on your journey of success, we will leave you with this gem: Seeking motivation should become part of your daily routine.

If motivational videos and quotes get you going, then by all means, look for those things each and every day.

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At the end of each year, right around New Year’s Eve, people tend to do the most seeking for motivation, if you will, and that is because they also bring reflection into the mix. People reflect on the year they just had, and they say they will be better, do better, in the new year.

They seek an overwhelming amount of motivation and then make some serious changes at the start of the new year. They might even do this for a month. Unfortunately, the motivation dies down and then people revert back to their old habits. If only they would have kept their new habits going for another month or two … then they would have been engraved in their minds, and would have replaced the old habits.


People tend to seek motivation via videos, quotes, people and books when it is convenient for them, which, of course, makes sense. However, if people make it a habit to look for motivation, then they will add motivation to their lives every single day.

A daily routine/schedule is going to lead to you making your goals and dreams come true. Unfortunately, making said daily routine/schedule is not the hard part. Sticking to it each and every day is. While coffee and extreme focus are helpful lubricants for the mind, motivation is the No. 1 solution. If you seek it every day, then you will force motivation into your life. Eventually, you will achieve as much success as you want.

The power of motivation cannot go unnoticed, and you should be trying to seek it each and every day — well, if you plan on making your goals and dreams come true during this lifetime, that is.

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