Having a mentor is a very important part of the process. In a sense, the apprentice is gaining all of the mentor’s knowledge (and life experiences), and the apprentice is learning from a person who he/she looks up to. What about the mentor, though?

13217041_1084486768264759_6102391978784322056_oAn apprentice might seem like the only person who is benefiting from having a mentor, but the mentor also learns a lot. In fact, having an apprentice is a very important part of the process as well for a mentor.

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First things first, a mentor is shaping an apprentice to become someone much better and more knowledgeable. If this is happening in a business setting, then the business is having the mentor tailor the apprentice for the — you guessed it — business. This makes turnover, whether there is a lot or not, a simple process. It also helps a business gain valuable employees (you know, ones who are motivated and also want to buy into a company’s beliefs).

Apprentices tend to be rather inspiring people. They are hungry, driven, motivated — you name it. They also bring a new mindset to the table, a new point of view, if you will. While the mentor is usually already on top of the food chain (at least when it comes to success), having a new set of eyes, a new perspective, is never a bad thing.

You see, in some cases, a mentor learns as much from an apprentice as an apprentice learns from a mentor. That isn’t always the case, but it should never be ruled out.

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While an apprentice is helping a mentor live his/her dream, a mentor is basically seeing a young version of himself/herself in action. It’s a very motivating thing for everyone involved.

An apprentice, especially when said apprentice is well into his/her role, can help the mentor solve problems. An apprentice can be like an assistant, after all.

At the end of the day, an apprentice is learning a lot from a mentor. A mentor is giving an apprentice the gift of knowledge — the gift that keeps on giving — and the feeling a mentor has after giving away said gift is something that he/she will cherish forever.kevin-harrington-keynote

At the end of the day, a mentor’s legacy can live on through an apprentice. Of course, a mentor’s legacy lives on through his/her work on top of that.

Apprenticeships are a way to build toward the future, a place that so many of us are constantly looking ahead to.

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