“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” -Plutarch

Most of the people I encounter have the mentality that they should be running their own business, convinced their determination and innovation will stand apart from the pack. They are not always wrong.

At the same time, few would-be entrepreneurs recognize the value of working with partners — even mentors — to establish the experience and confidence to achieve success. Sometimes, working with a bonafide team at a company with an established reputation can be just what you need to help launch that big idea later.

Figure Out the Secrets to Work for a Winner

Are you a self-starter in life? Do you work passionately on cultivating your plan and product for a game-changing business? That’s what having an entrepreneur mindset is all about. And chances are, you’re there.

The key is remembering to take that same energy and devotion to any position you are applying for along the way. Savvy companies will spot a self-starter immediately — and that quality is one of those intangibles that is difficult to measure.

Another must for becoming a dream team member may be a bit more surprising. It turns out that even in a cutthroat selling culture, having awareness and empathy can distinguish you from the crowd. If you can see from another person’s perspective, it allows you to be in tune with the wants of others. That is the hallmark of being a good seller. After all, to sell is to serve.

Creativity is the Result of Good Work Habits

Most aspiring entrepreneurs have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that virtually every good idea has been discovered. But what they also learn is that folding parts of those ideas into new ones can lead to huge success.

And that means using your creativity.

Employers value creativity as much as any other quality today because it is precisely that skill that will lead to innovation. Consider all of the disruptive business models that have recently become household names. Creativity, in some form, is at the heart of all of them.

So make yourself appealing for the next dream team by exhibiting a willingness to pioneer new projects, discover new efficiencies and experiment with innovation. When you can solve problems in a new way, you will clearly demonstrate your value.

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