“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.” -Stan Smith

Get Ahead With Self-Starters

Training in today’s business world is tricky. To a degree, some is necessary, but with technology changing so quickly, it is not practical to provide every employee thorough training all the time. It can also cost a company in terms of time and resources.

That is why self starters bring so much value. This attribute, which can be hard to quantify, should nonetheless be what every entrepreneur seeks when building their team.

Regardless of the position, look for someone who is willing to tackle any challenge. Who will jump in when given any direction, do it, and take it one step farther.

What happens when an employee needs to make a quick decision, but you are not available? Good team members have to be able to tackle the job without a script. Not only do great hires come up with new ideas, but they have the guts to put them into action.

Skill Set And Creativity Matter

There is an old axiom about never hiring someone who knows less than you do. That is over-simplified, but it is so true.

For the kind of high-level jobs and partnerships that good entrepreneurs seek, not only do potential employees need to have an understanding of the position, but they should be able to bring that knowledge to the table immediately.

Yes, I’m also talking about experience. I look for people who have been there, done that, and can help my company do it better.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders today work in a world that requires out-of-box thinking. You do want to stay on the cutting edge, don’t you? If a job applicant can’t easily demonstrate that they can think creatively on their feet, they probably need to hear, “You’re not a good fit.”

Creativity can quickly get lost in the business world. But it shouldn’t. Believe me, you want that ability on your team.


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