2017, of course, marks a new year. A new year marks a fresh start. If you didn’t conquer all of your entrepreneurial goals in 2017, then that is okay, as long as you continue to move forward in the new year.

Today, we are going to focus on a six-letter word — stress. It is something we all have and it is something that seems to stick with us, no matter how much happiness we bring into our lives. While focusing in on goals in 2017 is very important (we can’t stress enough how meaningful a goal-oriented life is), so is trying to live out a year that features less stress. Therefore, we will be looking at four ways for entrepreneurs to conquer stress in 2017.

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Use These Strategies To Conquer Stress In 2017

  • Try To Solve Your Problems Before You Go To Bed
  • Learn The Valuable Tool That Is Disconnecting
  • Make It A Goal To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
  • Don’t Procrastinate — Ever

Try To Solve Your Problems Before You Go To Bed

When it comes to success, being more happy and being on top of your game, sleep is a must. Unfortunately, people (yes, even entrepreneurs) are losing a ton of sleep every single night. There are many different reasons why people are losing sleep at night, but a common reason is this: So many people are tossing and turning because they are worrying about something.Stress

You know how you can eliminate this? Try to solve your problems before you go to bed. Now, that might be easier said than done (everything in life is), but if there is something you can do today, then do it today. Don’t push it off until the next day. The only thing that is going to come from that is you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and you could lose some valuable sleep on top of that.

In 2017, try to go to bed with a clear conscience by solving your problems before you go to bed. If you are worried about an important business meeting, then prepare for it by practicing your presentation until there are no hiccups in sight. The goal here is to go to sleep confident. If a deadline is looming, then create a schedule that you can stick to, and then stick to it.

The key is to only worry about the things you can control. You can’t afford to worry about the things that are out of your control. Solve the problems you can solve in hopes of having a more clear conscience.

Go to bed worry-free in 2017. That’s how you get more sleep, how you cut down on the tossing and turning, how you wake up refreshed and ready to go, how you do your best work and how you eliminate stress from your life.

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.” – Dale Carnegie

Learn The Valuable Tool That Is Disconnecting

One of the biggest reasons why people are stressed is because they work too many hours. Surely, an entrepreneur could relate. How can an entrepreneur solve this issue? For starters, he/she can learn the valuable tool that is disconnecting.

You have to get away from work from time to time (yes, breaks are okay). Work-life balance is huge for entrepreneurs, and many of them practice it. In a nutshell, they balance life and work all day long, but that might also mean entrepreneurs are on the clock 24/7.

In 2017, disconnect from work. Heck, make it a habit every single day. The best part? There are an endless amount of ways to disconnect, such as reading, going to the movies, going on a hike, putting your phone on silent and not checking it for an hour (how nice does that sound?), exercising, meditating, hanging out with friends and family, etc.

If you want to achieve a massive amount of success, then you can’t afford to be stressed. Your brain needs to be fresh so you can be the most productive version of yourself. If you are constantly dealing with stress, then that might not be possible.

Make 2017 the year you finally learn how to disconnect. Not only is that one way to eliminate stress, but it could also lead to you being more happy.

Make It A Goal To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

There are so many things entrepreneurs can’t control, but they can control what they put in their bodies and how they treat them.

In 2017, make it a goal to get in the best shape of your life. Not only will you likely be more confident in yourself, which will more than likely show in your work, but you will have one less worry — your health. On top of that, you will be able to disconnect from work every time you go to the gym.

Being in the best shape of your life certainly isn’t going to solve all of your problems, especially business-related problems, but it will be one less worry on your plate. Being healthy and confident in your own body equals happiness. The more happiness that is in your life, the less stress you will have to encounter.

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Don’t Procrastinate — Ever

StressYou’re an entrepreneur, so you likely don’t need to hear this, but here it goes anyway: Don’t procrastinate in 2017. Make a schedule and then stick to it. Go to bed at the same time every night and then wake up at the same time every morning. Become a creature of habit — well, within reason, of course.

You are likely juggling so many different things. Don’t make time one of them. Get the most out of every day by getting serious about your schedule and time. Your time — everyone’s time, really — is very sacred. You are only given 24 hours in a day, no matter who you are. Therefore, you can’t afford to sleep in. You can’t afford to push off a project. Believe it or not, that is the best way to welcome stress into your life.

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself in 2017 is eliminate procrastination. It’s a nasty beast and it will take over your life — if you let it. Make a schedule that works for you. Then stick to it. Every day.

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” – Don Marquis

Say goodbye to stress in 2017 by following the advice above. Less stress equals more happiness, a thing money can’t buy but a thing we want an endless amount of.

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