The weekends are what separate the highly successful people from the successful people.

After all, you could either take it easy on the weekend after crushing the workweek, or you could continue to keep your foot on the gas pedal by hustling. You shouldn’t feel bad no matter which option you go with, but just know your actions go a long way. Therefore, if you want more money, success or plan on landing your dream job, then you should be doing something about it, not taking an entire two days off every week.

With that in mind, here are three weekend habits that every entrepreneur should incorporate.

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3 Weekend Habits That Every Entrepreneur Should Incorporate

  • Have Some Form Of Schedule
  • Make Time For Fun
  • Twofer: Catch Up With People And Reflect

Have Some Form Of Schedule

You don’t have to put in 10-plus hours daily on Saturday and Sunday, although you could. The most important thing is to come up with a schedule you can stick to.

So many people say they will knock out a bunch of work on Saturday … and then that glorious day finally comes. Instead of doing work, these same people will take the entertainment route. Once again, that is fine, but your actions will lead you to success, not your talk.

Just like with the workweek, make an actual schedule on the weekends. And no, saying you will work on the weekend is not detailed enough. As is the case with any schedule, get very detailed with this weekend work schedule. Then, stick to this schedule, get your work done and then you can play after.

Make Time For Fun

If you don’t make time for fun, then you will burn out. It might take a week, a month or even a couple of months, but you will eventually burn out if you are putting in an overwhelming amount of work each and every day.

The solution? Make time for fun.

Make sure you are doing something enjoyable every weekend, even if it’s going for a walk, a hike or taking your family to the park. It could even be you working on that novel you have always wanted to write. You are an entrepreneur, so you should have no problem with that work-life balance.


Make the most out of your weekends from a work standpoint, but don’t forget about incorporating some downtime as well.

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Twofer: Catch Up With People And Reflect

Use the weekends to catch up with people, whether it is family, friends or old business partners. You are likely a machine during the workweek, but you also don’t want to lose loved ones as a result of disconnection. Therefore, make up for this lost time on the weekends. Success and riches won’t mean a thing if you don’t have anyone to share them with. Always remember that.

At the same time, use the weekends to reflect. What are you doing wrong? What are you doing right? Is there a new strategy you can incorporate right now that will lead to success next week? Don’t wait until December 31 to do all of your reflecting. Make reflecting a routine in your life. That’s how you catch mistakes — and make all of your goals come true in the process — before it’s too late.

It’s okay to have some fun on the weekends, but just make sure you are using your time wisely, fellow entrepreneurs.

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