Having a financial person in your life is one of the most essential money decisions you can make for yourself and your business.

Whether you’re keeping a bookkeeper, an accountant, or a chief financial officer it’s an essential part of your business. You must be keeping track of all of your expenses, and have someone who knows what they’re doing in charge of allocating funds.

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The Cost Of An Accountant Can Feel Daunting

If you’re an entrepreneur just starting off then the cost of an accountant can feel daunting. You have to look beyond the initial price, because in reality the countless hours you will waste trying to get everything in order is a far greater loss. You have to value your time.

Mistakes or sloppy bookkeeping can land you in trouble

Additionally, navigating the tax code is a nightmare. No matter how small your business is, never try to do it all by yourself. Mistakes or sloppy bookkeeping can land you in trouble with the IRS. Getting audited can be avoided with a competent financial manager at the helm. Their entire job is to make sure that taxes are filed correctly and that spending choices never raise red flags.

You cannot neglect your personal finances either. Keeping track of spending and getting help budgeting will change your life. Just think about it: if you buy a $3.50 coffee five days a week, you’d be spending $910 on coffee every year.

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Breakdown Small Expenses

Breakdown some of your other small expenses and you could be saving thousands by making small changes. As someone starting up their business career you might be putting a lot of your own money on the line. Being able to save up with these small spending adjustments can create some breathing room for those times when you might need a little help.

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None of my business ventures would have continued to profit without the help of financial managers. These people are there to help me grow my businesses in the most efficient and sustainable ways. As an entrepreneur you’re often looking at the big picture. It’s necessary to surround yourself with people who balance your weaknesses and can scale things down.

In the end, you can’t do it alone

All great businesses are built by teams. Going into the business world with an open mind and a humble outlook will set you up for success. Surround yourself with a well-balanced team, know the value of your time, and pay attention to every dollar you spend!

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