How to Pitch Your Product in 3 Steps

It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand the importance of knowing how to communicate and successfully pitch their products before approaching investors. There is an easy-to-follow formula on how to pitch your product in 3 steps.

After taking numerous pitches (over 50,000 in about 30 years), the best advice for entrepreneurs is that you have 6-8 seconds to grab my -and other investors’- attention. Make it powerful and attention-grabbing!

Every entrepreneur must have their “Elevator pitch” ready because you never know at what time an opportunity may appear. This is a brief but well-structured speech that serves to convey a business idea at any opportunity that arises and arouses the interest of those who are in a position to finance your project.

Watch this video below to learn how to pitch your product in 3 steps.

I believe your idea, product, or service deserves the best possible chance at success.

That’s why I’m giving you this proven, 3-part process I’ve used to generate more than $5 billion. It’s called TEASE—PLEASE—SEIZE.

It’s simple and easy to apply, AND powerful. Follow the steps and use the worksheet I’ve created here and you’ll turn more leads into sales and more potential customers into raving fans. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The Tease

This initial step contains the Hook – where you “plant the seed” of interest.

You reveal the problem your idea, product, or service solves.

You present the Big Idea of why your idea, product, or service is the best thing since sliced bread.

Don’t be afraid to introduce a little showmanship here. You want to let your customers know that you understand where they are coming from and you set up how you have the solution.

Explain the project

The main characteristics of the idea or project must be transmitted to the potential investor in a few words, directly and concretely. Let the business model be very clear.

Step 2: The Please

This step turns your customer’s initial interest into a concrete desire.

Here you demonstrate how your idea, product, or service will totally solve the problem you revealed in the Tease step.

Ideally, you solve it in the most efficient, elegant or cost-effective manner—better than any other idea, product, or service in the marketplace.

Show off your features and benefits and display the magical transformation that will take place in their lives.

For example, I started my business success journey as a teenager sealing driveways in a blue-collar Ohio town. I fixed cracked driveways but the only way to get more customers was by showing before and after pictures.

This is what I call showing the customer/investor a magical transformation:

Step 3: The Seize

Finally, go for the kill.

You’ve shown the value you provide, so now is the time to seize the opportunity.

It can be tempting to feel like you are being too pushy, but you can’t think of this step that way.

You’ve shown that you understand your customer’s problem, and you can provide a solution. That solution has value.

Now is the time to ask for what you want or for the funding you want. Be clear in your call to action so they know exactly what they need to do to seize the opportunity.

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BONUS STEP: Enthusiasm

You cannot convince the customer (or even a family member) if you do not exude passion and enthusiasm in the project. You have to show that you believe in your product/service and authentically enjoy the journey it takes to build a business.

Now it’s your turn to apply this proven process to whatever it is you sell. And remember, everything is selling. So get to work! Craft your own TEASE—PLEASE—SEIZE plan.

Want to Make the Perfect Pitch?

I’ve created a simple cheat sheet to help you craft your best pitch to potential investors. If you follow this proven process, you’ll position yourself to get the money you need for your business. Get the cheat sheet here now!