How To Survive in Business During a Crisis —Part 1

Don’t wait until after the crisis to start moving and pushing forward in your business. Brian Harrington —my son and protege, interviews me on how to survive in business during a crisis —part 1.

If you’re a business owner trying to survive a crisis, this video and article will be helpful to your survival —and next steps.

Stay Positive During a Crisis

We’re in a crazy time right now with the pandemic and we’re doing everything virtually, therefore, there’s a lot of chaos happening in the world.

The only way to survive troubling times is to stay positive and to keep pushing forward. —Kevin Harrington

In fact, the worst thing you could do in a crisis is to hide away and not stay focused.

All in all, in the face of the difficulty out there in the marketplace and in times of crisis, the best thing to do is stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of your family.

Right now, lots of people, including the younger people out there have not been through significant challenges like this (global pandemic) in their life.

So, there’s a lot of anxiety happening amongst people everywhere —business owners are trying to simply survive in business during a crisis.

Therefore, I’m going to go back in time and talk about some things that have happened to me in the past —as I am now an older entrepreneur. So, I have some stories about how we prevailed through moments of crisis.

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A Crisis Management Survival Story

Going to go back 30 years…… in 1990, I had hundreds of employees. We were doing business all over the world.

We also had offices in the US and in Europe. We were beaming into dozens of countries. We had inventories, overheads, buildings, customer service centers, but then something big happened…… the 1990 Gulf War.

It was a devastating situation for every entrepreneur in the world because the world shut down. It was very similar to the eerie feeling that we have today. When the Gulf war hit, everybody was tuned to their TV set.

They weren’t tuned to my infomercials. They were tuned to CNN and the news, therefore, our sales plummeted on a global basis.

Our banks were calling.

We had massive problems that were hitting us right away!

I’ve been through this, right? It was a devastating situation, but we hunkered down. We learned from it and actually, we ended up changing a lot of business practices and business models.

We decide at this particular time… why did we need hundreds of people to do fulfillment, to do phone calls, to do phone answering, to do customer service?

So we changed our business model to essentially survive in business during a crisis.

Create New Opportunities by Redoing Your Business Model

Once the crisis happened in 1990, it forced us to focus on and change our business model. From this change of plan, I happen to find new opportunities.

So, I wrote my very first book for people that needed extra income. I realized the world needed spare time— part-time —business opportunities.

The book is called The 100 Best Spare-Time Business Opportunities Today.

This book became a best seller in 1990-1991 and had six different publishing loans. As it was going out, it sold through the first round, went to the second round, went to the fifth round, the sixth round and it became an international bestseller —because I was the guy that pulled people out of their crisis……

I ultimately became the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur on how to help people get out of a crisis. —Kevin Harrington

So the bottom line is you don’t give up!

Many people are saying, I’m done. I’m going to wait until things settle. But…

Now might be the best time to actually try some customer acquisition on the internet.

I mean, look what happened to me during a crisis…… I focused and paid attention to what people needed most and created it for them —and I became a best-selling author out of it!

Maybe you’re laid off, maybe you have no income —either way, now is the time the focus on getting extra income.

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